Examinees with Incompatible Devices

Examinees with Incompatible Devices Analysis of the Mock LAE submissions revealed that the following LAE applicants have incompatible and/or outdated devices. Although these applicants were able to successfully take the Mock LAE, there is no guarantee that their devices will be able to take the 2021 LAE and upload their answers along with their Exam Monitor video. Please ensure that your devices are compatible. Contact ExamSoft support to resolve pending hardware configuration issues. Please install Examplify on a compatible device and download the 2021 LAE exam file in that device prior to the start of the exam. 1 Abulencia, Anabel…

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Mock LAE Upload Issues

Mock LAE Upload Issues Our records from the Mock Exam held last Sunday, May 2, 2021 indicate that the following examinees were not able to upload their ExamMonitor videos. To resolve this issue, open the Examplify app and contact ExamSoft Support by calling in to 02-85401753. 1 Adis, Kristine Danica 0024 2 Amorsolo, Alexa Dominique 0079 3 Baes, Royce 0158 4 Bedaña, Vanny Jean Kullel 0210 5 Caparino, Leigh Priesanne 0310 6 Crisostomo, Hazel 0386 7 Dacanay, Miguel Alejandro 0414 8 De la Peña, Antonio 0443 9 de Lima, Vicente Marcel 0450 10 del Rosario, Marie Therese 0464 11 Demaala,…

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Law Aptitude Examination Practice Exam

Practice Exam is not a requirement for the LAE, but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED In order to give LAE examinees an additional opportunity to prepare their devices and familiarize themselves with the Examplify platform, we will give access to a free ungraded Practice Exam. Although taking the Practice Exam is not a requirement for the LAE, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. In addition to ensuring device compatibility and building your familiarity, the Practice Exam will also help establish a better facial recognition baseline for ExamID. The Practice Exam can be taken starting May 10, 2021 at 9 AM. You can download…

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UP College of Law to Take Part in IP Homecoming

UP COLLEGE OF LAW TO TAKE PART IN IP HOMECOMING As part of the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines’ (IPOPHL) National IP Month Celebration, the Intellectual Property (IP) Academy will be launching a new program dubbed “IP Homecoming,” with the University of the Philippines College of Law as the venue for its inaugural activity scheduled on April 30, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. IP Homecoming is a 2-hour career-oriented talk where the IP Academy will conduct a virtual visit of educational institutions to talk about the IP profession, its benefits, market, and opportunities it offers. Among the speakers for the…

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Dito sa Law: UP Law Folio 2021 Awards and Judges

UP Law extends the deadline of its first-ever literary and visual folio until 19 May 2021 Submissions of entries are now closed. Thank you for participating! Entries received until 19 May 2021, 11:59pm will be considered by the panel of judges. All submissions will be deemed final and the panel of judges will be convened. For more information, refer to the following memos from the Office of the Dean: 16 April 2021 - Updated Memo of Dean Edgardo Carlo L. Vistan II 19 March 2021 - Memo of Dean Edgardo Carlo L. Vistan II 22 January 2021 - Memo of…

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Guidelines for 2021 Law Aptitude Examination

Guidelines for 2021 Law Aptitude Examination is NOW AVAILABLE Download LAE Manual for more information The Law Aptitude Exam (LAE) for 2021 will be delivered online through ExamSoft, a secure testing solution used for administering exams. You will be required to install Examplify, an application used to download and take exams. Examplify will allow you to securely take examinations offline on a Mac or Windows computer (desktop or laptop), blocking access to files, programs, and the internet during your exam. You will be asked to download an encrypted exam file prior to the exam day, be provided with a secure…

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