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UPDATE – The application period for AY 2020-2021 admissions is now CLOSED.  Please watch this space regularly for updates.

You are eligible for admission to the LL.M. Program if you have:

  1. A prior law degree (LL.B., J.D., B.C.L. or equivalent) from any jurisdiction in the world;
  2. A demonstrated aptitude for law studies in the English language (through IELTS, TOEFL or analogous evidence), or previously pursued law studies taught in English; and
  3. A strong academic record or a demonstrated strength in legal practice, dispute settlement, governmental or intergovernmental counseling work, or law teaching.

Apply for admission to the LL.M Program using our online platform. Together with your online application, submit your identification photo and scanned copies of the documents listed below:

  1. Official transcript of academic records for prior law degree and college degree (if different from prior law degree);
  2. If the prior law degree was not obtained from a Philippine law school, IELTS or TOEFL score or proof that previous law studies were taught in English (no such score or proof is required if the prior law degree was obtained from a Philippine law school).

In your online application for admission to the LL.M. Program, you will be required to provide the email address of two persons willing to submit their recommendation using our downloadable form. We shall request them to email a scanned signed copy of their recommendation to llm.upd@up.edu.ph.

Apply for financial scholarship or tuition fee subsidy using our online platform. Financial scholarship is granted on the basis of the applicant’s economic need. Submit scanned copies of these documents together with your online application for scholarship:

  1. Latest income tax return, if any was filed;
  2. Latest income tax return of the applicant’s spouse, if any was filed;
  3. Certificate of employment and salary, if employed.

For any inquiries, please send us an email at llm.upd@up.edu.ph.