Dito sa UP Law:

Many Voices,
One Community

Dito sa UP Law:

Many Voices, One Community

Preview of Submissions

Caviar emptor: “Let the hungry beware”

Formal Offer of Edibles (Evidence) Exhibit A: Filipino Food Exhibit B: Seafood Exhibit C: International Cuisine Exhibit D: Pasta Purpose: The foregoing exhibits are being offered to substantiate the alleged starvation and provide food beyond reasonable doubt.  The foregoing exhibits are likewise being offered as part of the pandemic life...


Fifth year (pandemic ed.)

Fifth year (pandemic ed.)   Four years of law school, I aged ten years. Add another ten years, I acquired on my fifth year. For four years we were trained, To always look for precedents. On our fifth year — We became the precedents. For four years our hands bled...


Our Lady of Refresh Screens

Addiction, as a confession, kills. Dependency is too clinical. Habit, instead, squarely places a need against the foreground of the familiar. Everyday pain is a creature that transforms. They say a pattern of chemical subservience is killing a country. To live in prayer, the same must be true. One must...


Journal #3

Day 4 I did groceries today. I usually don’t do it halfway through the month, but the news had people panicking, and I felt like I needed to do so, too––even just a little. The grocery was the most crowded I have ever seen it. People in masks were filling...


Plain Meaning

To learn the law is to discover words one has to use for the rest of one’s life. Germane. Enjoin. Estopped.   There are things I would rather say simply. There are things I would rather feel simply. I wonder, what pleasure do we gain from a complex existence?  ...


Pagsulong sa kabila ng pagsubok

Pagsulong sa kabila ng pagsubok. Bagamat matagal at paulit-ulit na tayong naghihigpit at lumuluwag sa mga kwarantin na ipinapatupad sa ating bansa, iisa lang ang nababakas sa mga buhay ng mga Pilipino araw-araw, pagsulong at pagtataguyod sa pamilya sa kabila ng pagsubok na sinasagupa araw-araw. Nababata ng mga manggagawa ang...


pangarap ko ang mundong walang abogado

alam mo may pangarap ako, pangarap kong magkaroon ng mundong walang abogado, sabihin mang baliw ako o tila ba’y sinto-sinto, ngunit ito ang totoo; teka ipaliliwanag ko. bakit nga ba pinapangarap ko ang mundong walang abogado? eh sila nga itong tumutulong, nagpapaunawa para hindi ka oo lang nang oo, tango...


A Veneer of Melancholy

There is a melancholy that seeps through our daily navigation of an otherwise online world. When before, there was an oft dreaded journey from home to school, littered with sweat, tears, and fear—and capped off with an eternal relief at the end of the day—now there is only an uneventful...



R-E-M-E-M-B-E-R-? For just a trickle of moment Comes the reminiscences of yesterday Oozing with exuberant joy Brings you back the past years…. remember? Twenty fifth is a day to remember On that cool yet special month of December You told me you love me with a love So true, so...


All Roads Lead to Justice

“Do you believe in the unity of knowledge?” asks our Legal Theory Professor, “that there is an objective truth?” It must be the heat or if I were honest, my short attention span, that allowed me to zone out and think of that question. I am transported to 2015 Indian...


Sa Bintana

Kahapon. Isang hinga, isang gapang Isang kisapmata Malapit na, malapit na! Daluyong ng pag-asa Init ng katiwasayan Tila yakap na ang kinabukasang Puno ng kalahatan. At walang hanggang posibilidad. Maaliwalas. Malapit na, malapit na. Diplomang inaasam. Matibay na kakapitan! Kasiyahan. Kagalakan. Katiyakan. Katiyakan. Kahapon. Ngayon. Sa bintana, sa bintana Nakatanaw....


A Greater Good

2020 was not a good year for Father Simon of the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Barangay Del Monte, Quezon City. Actually, it was not a good year for anyone in any part of the earth. But it was a particularly confounding one for Father Simon, the parish priest...



“Iiwanan na kita.” Iyan ang kanyang huling mga salita bago gumuho ang aking mundo. Biglaan ang lahat. Ang sigaw ko, “Akala ko habang-buhay mo akong mamahalin? Bakit parang bigla ka atang bumitaw?” Walang pagpapaliwanag—walang ni-ho, ni-ha. Lumakad siya palayo nang parang wala lang ang walong taon naming pinagsamahan. Ano pa...



Ramdam ang lamig ng sahig Ng likod kong hubad “Bakit ako?” ang pagsamo ko sa sinuman Habang ang luha’y patuloy ang Pagpatak        Patak              Patak  Mga kautusa’y walang nilabag, Bawat patnubay ay dinunog, Ngunit sa huli’y sa hukay pa rin nga ba...


Nasaan ang Diwa?

Mistulang kahapon lamang nang magbago ang lahat; nagsara ang mga opisina, naubos ang mga sasakyan sa lansangan, nawala ang mga tao’t tila napalayo ang mga miyembro ng pamilya sa isa’t isa. Nagbago ang daloy ng buhay; bumagal para sa karamihan, nawalan ng direksyon, at kulang nalang ay tumigil nang tuluyan...


Cometh Now, Our Nevercoming Spring!

I. I dream of Spring that never comes, And shouts the words I need to hear. Sing to me birdsong or a willful rhyme, A tune the mind may grasp for life. It’s true I’m mighty fine, I’m all too sure, Deep crimson must this day endure. II. I long...


Apart Together

Freshmen of this batch did not receive the opportunity to begin in Malcolm; not even to meet each other in person, save for very slim and limited chances. Despite this almost absolute absence of personal interaction with each other, would it establish a genuine connection among us? Our answer is...



The smell of feces stuck to Fel’s fingers. She doused her hands in soap and alcohol, yet the putrid odor clung to her nails like nail polish. Fel knew she was overreacting. The smell was long gone, but the sulfur-stench and slime texture festered in her brain and trickled down...


Made in Malcolm

Presented to us these undisputed facts: This tiny white brick, alone can never act. But when it was picked With freedom and intent No one can contend The motion has commenced. To look for more bricks With intellect as guide Constituting motive Of what is in the mind Conflict and...


lex in lumine

lex in lumine; lumine in lex As an Evening student, I seldom see the Malcolm Hall in the day, basking in the blazing glory of the sun, standing proud and tall with its paper-colored walls. I mostly see this building at night—illuminated by artificial lights and the soft light of...


The Sunbird

As in mango season, where seeds and bones confuse themselves anew. Every morning angling the urn, parallel to sunlight, to see what we’ve collected. Leaves, on the rain that brought them there, and dirt. So, empty. Or, the everyday. Or, the natural. Had the earth not slanted off the face...


The Stuff We Say On Twitter

Be wary of the limit To keep it brief and clever Two hundred eighty characters For the stuff we say on Twitter Politics, sports, showbiz, love Whatever you desire Boundless is the fodder for The stuff we say on Twitter How much further can you go? Compare your boss to...


The Medium is the Message

two ways to get in the first one is easy the second takes a tad bit more work either way click or input passcode may be required automatically generated you’ll probably get it wrong the first time the rules of etiquette took some getting used to to the extent of...



When I am undone by grief; when I choose peace and find grace in letting go; when I welcome the spirits of life to show me new beginnings; There is love. There is hope.  


Best of Us

J: Minsan pakiramdam ko parang mas kaya ng iba, kahit pare-pareho naman tayong mahigit sa isang taon nang nakakulong. Kaya nahihinaan ako sa sarili ko. Masyado akong apektado. M: Hindi, ganoon talaga. It happens to the best of us.  



Still, we carry on Like ants that are never still Love, still, is our fire  


Tinuring Santo

Tinuring Santo Taong dalawang libo’t dalawampu Araw ng Martes, ika-tatlo ng Marso ‘di ko nabatid huling araw na ‘yon Huling pagsulyap ko na pala sa’yo Malinaw pa sa kaisipan ko Ikaw ay hinanap sa libo libong kanto Sa mga gusaling matatayog Mag ala-sais na, ilang minuto nalang Taon dalawang libo’t...






Every growth, every progress Reversed and set aside Was it 2016 or since the beginning when was it reversed and set aside Honesty, honor, integrity Reversed and set aside Lies, baseness, corruption Reverse and set aside We live day by day But there is death in every way Still we...


Dead Lines

Prescription is the enemy of perfection. Not everyone is capable of competence in a snap. But, most of us have no choice but to wallow in mediocrity, as we are forced to give something, anything. It is past 11 in the evening, and I am still struggling to breathe life...



Pebrero. Iniiwasan ko ng tingin ang mga barahang kanina pa binabalasa ng propesor. Isang pangalan lang naman ang hindi dapat makuha— ang akin. Nanindak ang titig niya mula kanan tungong kaliwa. Ngumisi at saka pumuslit ng isa. Nanliit ang kanyang mga mata sa sukat ng mga titik. Tila hindi mahinuha...


A Creative Destruction

resentment expired after the liberty of every man was issued. however, they had great difficulty in the search for a familiar freedom. opening the gates resulted in multiplicity tolerance was a necessity there was no alternative but to learn to live together persecution could not survive. a scarcity of individualism...


Kalahating Kama

Patong-patong na mga libro Pinagkainang mga plato Ang aking mga katabi sa magdamag Tila hinatulan ng parusa Nang nahiwalay sa pamilya Nasa iisang bahay ngunit mag-isa Paghayag ng pag-aaruga Sa pagbibigay ng distansya Gagawin upang di na ako mahawa Dati-rati ay nagsilbi na Himlayan para sa mag-ina Makatakas lang sa...


Coffee, please.

Coffee, please. Clean, cook, check on kids Brew, pour, drink- doorbell! Quarantine pass and ayuda, then mobile market Coffee is cold. Clean, cook, check on- “Mom, got disconnected!” Turn hotspot on, check router, call network Coffee can wait. Clean! Cook! No time to check on kids! Too early, this Zoom...


Sanlibong Linta

Sanlibong Linta Nanaginip ako ng sanlibong matatabang linta na sumisipsip ng lumbay ng pag-iisa ng pangungulila Dumilat ako at nakita na sanlibong nanghihinang linta ang nagkalat sa sahig ang nakasawsaw sa lapot ng luha ng panaghoy ng pakikiusap Nasupil ako ng biglaang ragasa ng sanlibong awa. Kasunod ay daluyong ng...



From Zoom to Malcolm—I’ve been looking forward to the day when classes are no longer held virtually.


Fever dream (I want to stay)

What is to wake? As days blur by and memory fails, so too does the line between dream and reality fade. One is as ephemeral as the other. Perhaps, it is in this realm of warped time and lost futures, of muted joys and terrors, where things make more sense.


What isolation does to the spirit

My words Seem frail In light of The world’s heavy burden My deeds Seem small As I stay Confined inside my home The world Seems wide Too far from The space where I can move The world Seems complex From where I Stand alone in empty rooms My mind Cries...


Warm Hands

These days, I only dream of things I know. I didn’t before. Because what else is dreamland but an escape from the tangible? And what else are dreamers but professional runaways?   These days though, I dream of hands. I dream of warm hands.   Warm hands gripped until they...


An Alien World

Stepping outside felt like stepping into an alien world. I was among the last set of people that the government let out since the pandemic begun four years ago. The doctors, the government, and my family refused to let me out. You’re HIV positive. It’s too dangerous. There were times,...


Unum Diem Ad Tempus

It was around this time last year when I lined up outside the UP School of Economics building along with the rest of the UP Law hopefuls as our temperatures were checked before taking the Law Aptitude Exam. Little did we know that one week later, classes would be suspended,...


A Better Me After This Worst Time

After the Lockdown: Braving New Paths A Better Me After This Worst Time “Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey”. This is one of my favorite quotations about life’s challenges written by Roy T. Bennett. We have lived our...


Zum Zum

Zum Zum Can you hear me? Just unmute your mic… Can you see me? Enable your video cam… People with their elegant tops With pretense of virtual backdrops Shorts and pajamas rule below Off cam…dark…sinful and bloodied. In these shadowy corners People remain forever muted Never to be seen, blending...



The green line treads through black and white And I wish it was a line of grass Treading through the concrete cracks On my way back to school. The blue line envelopes the words And I wish it was the cloudless sky Enveloping me as I Stare at it while...



Muntik na ‘kong matapunan ng mainit na kape. Sa sobrang antok, sinubukan kong uminom nang may nakaharang na piraso ng plastik sa mukha ko. Napalingon ako sa paligid habang nagpupunas ng face shield. Sana walang nakakita. Parang ordinaryong gabi lang sa paligid. Sa ilalim ng matalim na kahel na ilaw...


Viva La Vida

The sound of my name felt like a splash of cold water. My face went numb, a thousand needles pierced my cheeks, and my lips are stitched into an ugly curve.   As I force the words out of my mouth, I feel the thread run down my throat, and...


Burden of Proof

I used to say I’d visit. Two years, four years, Six years gone by Like the muted snap of a shutter I hardly felt them pass. In each of your photographs, I see through your eyes– Blue wings spread, a resting tiger butterfly, The transient beauty of Cherry blossom petals...


Hope is evergreen

Hope is evergreen Humanity’s greed knows no bounds indeed, We will always find another reason to bleed, One might think that we have learned, Yet what can people do but burn? The year 2020 will forever be, An unforgettable year for you and me, It is the time the world...


Warrants, searches, and murders

May it please the Court: I plead injury, but not from breach or tort— The issues herein raised from graves, Find transcendental import in this outrage— Now—as you suspend the fall of the gavel, Profusely, the crimson rivers swell. Remember, please, the ghosts of yesteryears: History is witness—to facts most...


the compounding of worry

the compounding of worry “You remember too much, my mother said to me recently. Why hold onto all that? And I said, Where can I put it down?” – Anne Carson, “The Glass Essay”   I. My cousin was supposed to get married last Saturday. After a year of fretting...



Énouement Noun. the bitter-sweetness of having arrived in the future, seeing how things turn out, but not being able to tell your past self. Had I known that that would be the last time, I would’ve laughed and told you “You’re an idiot” I would’ve stayed a little longer, just...



Focus. There is beauty in learning the difference between the trivial and the consequential. Focus on to the latter.


What Keeps me Going

It is during these difficult times where we remember the things that really matter: family, friendship, and dreams.


Wide Open Roads

No one told us when the barricade would be removed. For months, our nondescript street had been separated from the main thoroughfare by a haphazard barrier. It was obviously made from scrap wood, but ours was concededly better compared to the other streets whose barricades were made of police tape....


The Dictionary of Marginal Notes

being – n. “You want me to take your picture?” you asked, a lame attempt at small talk. “Go away,” I said. You laughed at the absurdity of my response. You didn’t think someone could say that on your first encounter. usage: “We are all human beings after all.” (D....


annihilate the chasm!

there is an endless sea of chaos there is a chasm, an abyss a distance that grows more distant with every lung-ripped breath do not look into the abyss! that is not the point direct your gaze beyond the infinite darkness direct your gaze to this: ( upon the harsh...


The Dictionary of the Year

The Dictionary of the Year Under the entry for “future” we have added strange meanings: the past returning, the continuance of that which has happened but is not happening, because today the calm is the storm and the calm is deadly, which is why— Under the entry for “present” we...


Covid Nineteen, Enemy Unseen

Covid Nineteen, Enemy Unseen   Greedy and hungry, you took more and more and more lives, now exceeding a global million, When will you stop? Loved ones, heroes, mothers, frontliners, suddenly, steadfastly, mercilessly, treacherously. The one person I love flew out of my life like a dove; our breath you...


Surviving Covid19 and Beyond

Surviving Covid19 and Beyond It’s more than a year of Covid19 and I am greatful that I am still alive. I felt so sad that I could not even attend the wake of my friends, relatives or classmates and be with them in their final moments on earth. Senior citizens...



“this infinite curve licked by chromatic flames in labyrinths of reflections This gong of polished hyperaesthesia shrills with brass as the aggressive light strikes its significance” – “Brancusi’s Golden Bird” by Mina Loy though it sounds like an illness, it is a far cry from the doctor, though if it...



Suppose they’re right, I’m indeed a sea dung, Trying and failing not to sink. Over months flapping swiftly, busting my lung, Plying to rise to at least the trench’s brink. This struggle to buoy, though, to whom do we offer? Hell, the ocean accords us no solace or hope. Each...



DAPITHAPON Ilang araw na bang di tayo nagkita sa ating tagpua’t humimpil, gumala, habang minamalas ang pamamaalam, pagpapalit-kulay sa hapon ng araw? May dahon pa kaya ang punong mayabong? O nalagas na ba’t nagtampong malaon? Ngayon, tumatakas muli ang liwanag at nananatili tayong mga bitag ng ating pangambang higit sa...


Evening Class

Evening Class Pinagbubuhol tayo ng ating mga hikab. Kung gabi’y mapanghamon at nais mong maglaho, Kumapit ka sa bigkis, sabay tayong lilipad. Ilang semestre tayong sumasabak sa dahas. Sa kalsada’t sa klase, ang takot ay ‘tinago. Pinagbubuhol tayo ng ating mga hikab. Nang dumating ang Marso, di tayo pinalabas; Sa...


New Normal (is for the privileged)

“Denormalization”. My fiction prof once told me that was the function of literature– to make us see the ordinary and the mundane in an entirely different way: The pandemic came in like unwelcome poetry. The same desk you sit on everyday, is still the same desk         ...


Handwritten Digest #108- Black Letter of the Law

Before you map out the exception; to the exception; to the exception; Remember– there are over a hundred shades of black: Midnight, charcoal, ebony, coal, the shade of the ink staining the tips of your fingers the color of the night when the lights start to flicker While you contemplate...



When I was twelve and at our mother’s funeral, Ellaine had asked me what people felt when they died. “I don’t know,” I told her. “Maybe mom knows.” Years later, I imagine that she found out. Her neighbors found her hanging by the balcony at four in the morning, just...


Anxious Memories of the Senses

Anxious. As I’m writing this, the second semester for the academic year 2020-2021 is only a week away. The anxiousness I feel isn’t like being like a deer caught in headlights as your professor gives you a look of dismay when you didn’t read the case or answer a simple...


Dear You: The Five Stages of Grief

Dear You, It is my first day back in the city and man, I forgot how heavy the traffic is here. I surely did not miss that. And I did not miss crowds. You can’t imagine the number of people in the mall today,  They were like ants that are...


Alas Kwatro Ako Gumising Kaninang Umaga

Alas Kwatro Ako Gumising Kaninang Umaga   Binusalan ang sarili para manatiling humihinga Dumaing kung ‘hanggang kailan kaya?’ Hindi matatapos aking pagsagupa Hindi ako handang kamayan ang pagkalupig   Ilang daang libong inabandonang kaluluwa Umaawit mula sa hawlang guniguni Karamay sa aking paghikbi Pagtapos mangilala ng latay sa kanilang mata...


To Whom It May Reach

04/12/2020 To the Lucky Recipient: Hello, shalom, aloha. I am a 23-year old tiny human living in a metropolitan city somewhere in the Pacific. I hope this letter finds you well. Today we celebrate Easter. (Now, you may not believe in religion – and to be quite honest, sometimes I...


Mater Dolorosa

Mater Dolorosa   Ang Oktubre ay buwan ng luha’t buntong-hininga. Naisip ko ito habang minamasdan ang nakagapos na mga kamay ni Reina Mae sa telebisyon.   Ang Oktubre ay buwan ng pagkawala ng kamusmusan. Naisip ko ito nang inalis ang tanikala. Itinaas ng dalagang ina ang kamao nakaturo sa humihikbing...


Para kay R

Tikom ang mga pinto ng aklatan ngayong pandemya. Walang yabag ng mga paa. Walang maya’t mayang bungisngis ng silya.   Naalala kong ganito tayo nagsimula. Sa katahimikan. Tanging mga mata ang nag-uusap sa pagitan ng mesa palitan ng ngiti’t sulyap sa bawat umaga.   Ang tinginan ay naging patagong asaran...



Photophilia Recall the adolescent fist that took on The bedroom wall in the mushroom cloud- Aftermath of rejection. The same Hand that has since felt the sting of more Immovables still yanks window frames In secret tantrums against his Lessor who oiled him with phrases like “Lots of light” and...



Easements There is no glory is liminal spaces. Only arrogance, big enough to fill it. There stood Amorsolo’s first draft, A woman in the midst of creation. Bone-white canvass, sea foam reclaiming Its primordial enclave. Engine Dressed before it is ready. I presume The artists had the end in mind...


About the Folio

Dito sa UP Law: Many Voices, One Community is UP Law’s first ever literary folio retrospective of the COVID-19 pandemic. Drawing inspiration from various multicultural literary folios published by international academic institutions, this online publication aims to capture the diverse experiences of the UP Law Community in the most challenging period in recent history, expressed in literary and visual art forms. Apart from humanizing the harshness of academic life, the publication will also reflect a different color to the public’s perception of the life of the students, faculty and admin staff of the UP College of Law by providing a platform for creative talents that are usually glossed over as unrelated to academic endeavors.

Please read the latest memos from the Office of the Dean:
16 April 2021 – Updated Memo of Dean Edgardo Carlo L. Vistan II
19 March 2021 – Memo of Dean Edgardo Carlo L. Vistan II
22 January 2021 – Memo of Dean Fides Cordero Tan

Eligibility & Guidelines

1. Literary Folio Theme: “After the Lockdown: Braving New Paths”
or “Matapos ang Lockdown: Panibagong Pagsulong”

2. Only the following are qualified to submit entries to the folio/ competition: students, faculty, REPS, and admin staff of the UP Law Complex. Alumni are excluded.

3. The folio will be a competition in the following categories:

A. Creative Writing

  • essay, blog, prose, freestyle prose – English
  • essay, blog, prose, freestyle prose – Filipino
  • poetry – English
  • poetry – Filipino
  • short story, fiction, flash fiction, creative non-fiction – English
  • short story, fiction, flash fiction, creative non-fiction – Filipino

B. Visual Art

  • painting/sketch/drawing without use of photography or digital graphic design
  • photography or computer graphic art or a combination of any 2D visual art

Note: Animations, sounds, videos, performances, and all creative works that cannot be reproduced in printed form are excluded.

        C. Special Category for NON-ACADEMIC STAFF

  • All entries (creative writing or visual art works) submitted by NON-ACADEMIC STAFF will be grouped and judged in this special category. (This special category is sponsored by UP Law Class ‘82).

4. Competition rules:

  • All entries must be original creations and should not have been published before in any traditional or social media publication.
  • Entries must be submitted on or before 19 May 2021 (extended deadline) via this online form: https://law.upd.edu.ph/up-law-folio-2021/.Each successful submission must display a confirmation:

  • Entrants to the visual art category may be required to submit the physical work upon notice.
  • Copyright to all winning entries jointly belong to the UP Law Complex and the authors/artists.
  • Any individual or group (co-authors or collaborators) may submit a maximum of two (2) entries only to the competition, i.e., two (2) literary works only; OR, two (2) visual works only; OR, one (1) literary work and one (1) visual work.
  • Please complete and submit the form for each entry.

5. Formats:

  • for creative writing: limited to 3,000 words maximum per entry
  • for visual art: in 300 DPI minimum image resolution

6. UP Law will screen all entries before including them in the Preview of Submissions below.

7. UP Law enforces a strict policy against plagiarism and copyright infringement. Plagiarized works submitted shall be immediately or retroactively disqualified.

8. Deadline: All entries must be received online by the extended deadline, 19 May 2021 (Wednesday), 11:59 pm. Please use the entry submission form below.

Special Jury Awards

WINNERS: Five (5) finalists per category shall be chosen after the extended deadline. One winner among the finalists will also be recognized. Each will be awarded cash prizes as follows: 

  • Prizes:  First place per category — P20,000.00
    ________Runner-up per category —P10,000.00
  • Prizes for Special Category:
    ________First place — P40,0000.00
    ________Runners-up (x2) — P30,000.00 

The panel of judges will also have the prerogative of not awarding a winner in specific category/ies.

ANNOUNCEMENT OF JUDGES: We are proud to announce the six (6) judges who will be selecting winners for the UP Law Literary Folio. The panel is led by experts in media, literary, and visual practice from the University of the Philippines-Diliman, and includes representatives of the UP Law community.

  • Dr. Jose Y. Dalisay Jr., Professor, English and Creative Writing; Former Director, UP Institute of Creative Writing
  • Atty. Alden Q. Lauzon, Associate Dean for Administration, College of Arts and Letters; Assistant Professor, Department of Art Studies
  • Atty. Nicolas B. Pichay, Director of the Legislative Research Service, Senate of the Philippines; Board Member, Philippine Center for International PEN (Poets, Essayists & Novelists)
  • Dean Rolando B. Tolentino, Professor, University of the Philippines Film Institute; Director, University of the Philippines Institute of Creative Writing; Former Dean, College of Mass Communication
  • Atty. Rizalde F. Laudencia, Representative of UP Law Class ‘82
  • Atty. Fina dela Cuesta Tantuico, UP Law Special Assistant to the Dean for Alumni Affairs

UP Law will publish the winning works and finalist entries. For any related inquiries or requests, please email ipd_law.upd@up.edu.ph, with the Subject: UP Law Literary Folio 2021

Online Folio

Written and visual works submitted shall immediately be viewable on the UP College of Law website after moderation by the IPD. Judging of entries shall be entirely conducted online. Click here to view entries

Note: Please use a desktop or tablet to submit your entry.

We cannot receive entries from your mobile phone to avoid formatting issues. Feel free to use a desktop computer or a tablet device to submit your work/s. Thank you very much.

Online Submission

After the Lockdown: Braving New Paths, Matapos ang Lockdown: Panibagong Pagsulong

Submissions of entries are now closed. Thank you for participating!

Submit your entry:

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    What is an ISO certification?

    ISO Standards are internationally agreed by experts. It is the world's best-known quality management standard for companies and organizations of any size.

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    The Class of 2020 Zoom session went live on 28th August 2020 (5:00pm until 7:00pm). This link is now closed. Thank you for visiting our virtual graduation ceremony. Congratulations, graduates!

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    Have you seen our FlipGrid sharing? Please install FlipGrid or proceed to this link to participate! (We sent login codes in advance, please check your official UP email for the details.)

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