Call for Scholarship Applications AY 2024-2025

Call for Scholarship Applications
UP College of Law Scholarship Program
Academic Year 2024-2025

Applications to the UP College of Law Scholarship Program for Academic Year 2024-2025 will be accepted from 1 July (Monday) to 17 July 2024 (Wednesday).

For the First Semester of AY 2024-2025, a scholar may receive a full tuition and miscellaneous fees award, internet & book allowance (set at PhP 10,000.00), and a monthly stipend for three to four months (set at PhP 10,000.00/month). This may be adjusted throughout the semester.


  1. Accomplished Application Form
  2. Letter of Intent detailing ALL the justifiable reasons why the applicant should be granted a scholarship. Justifiable reasons include any existing hardships that affect the applicant’s studies. Diversity (e.g., self-ascription as an LGBTQ+, member of an Indigenous Cultural Community/Indigenous Peoples, single parent) are also considered factors.
  3. Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) of the applicant (if employed), spouse (if married and spouse is employed), father & mother (if one or both are retired but still support the applicant, a letter from the parent/s detailing the pension received may suffice), and siblings (if all are working & financially supporting the applicant), or guardian.
  4. Photos of your home (on the front, the living room, kitchen, and applicant’s bedroom) and the following assets in your household:
    • Aircon
    • Stove
    • Laptop / Computer
    • Tablet
    • Smartphone/s
    • TV
    • Refrigerator
    • Washing Machine

Application requirements #2, #3 and #4 must be emailed to

Take note that background checks will be conducted in relation to the application.

Always check your e-mails for announcements.

Applications will be accepted until 17 July 2023. Deadlines shall be strictly applied.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • What are the criteria for selecting scholars?
    • The approval of applications for the Regular Scholarship is determined primarily based on need, and academic merit is only a secondary consideration. Applicants that face serious economic, personal, and family dynamics or situations (especially those aggravated by the current pandemic) that hamper their study of law are given priority over other cases.
    • The totality of the factors provided in the application will be considered for the scholarship. The selection is made through the examination of the following:
      • Application Form
      • Income Tax Return
      • Asset Form
      • SFA/STS Results
      • Diversity
      • Background Checks/ Validation
      • Interviews (through phone calls)
    • Applicants will be interviewed if some matters in their application need clarification. Kindly ensure that you are available for this should the need arise.
  • What if I cannot secure the required Income Tax Return (ITR) on time?
    • You need to indicate the reason/s for the lack of or delay in submitting your ITR in your Letter of Intent. In the interim period, submit the readily available ITR in your possession. Please indicate if there is an expected change in the current ITR compared with the ITR that you will present in the former’s absence.
    • E-copies may be submitted instead of the originals. Nevertheless, the presentation of the originals may be requested to be presented later. If a copy is still being processed, kindly inform the Scholarship Committee in your Application Letter.
  • What if both my parents are already retired or are unemployed?
    • In place of your parent/s’ ITR, attach a letter signed by your parent/s’ (addressed to the Scholarship Committee) stating their circumstance. Kindly request them to inform the committee of their last job and position as well as the amount of their pension, if applicable.
  • What if I am already a scholar (from a different institution)?
    • You may still apply for this scholarship program. However, you will have to forego the other scholarship upon acceptance to the UP College of Law Scholarship. You must provide the Scholarship Committee with an official letter/document stating that you are no longer a beneficiary of any other scholarship award.
  • What if I also applied under a different scholarship?
    • You may still apply for this scholarship. However, you will have to forego your other application/s if you are accepted and choose to be a scholar under the UP College of Law Scholarship. Students who applied under a different scholarship should furnish a copy of their application withdrawal from other scholarships before receiving the scholarship award.
  • Would a discount (partial or total) under the Socialized Tuition System (STS) count as a separate scholarship?
    • No, it will not. You are encouraged to apply under the STS so the college may maximize the scholarship funds available.
  • Will there be a return service program?
    • The scholarship may require you to render some assistance to the college. You will receive more information regarding this matter once accepted.
  • How will I receive my stipend if I become a scholar?
    • If you are awarded a Tier 1 or 2 Scholarship, you will be able to receive a monthly stipend and book allowance as well as an internet allowance through your Landbank Account. Every scholar must open a Landbank Account to ensure the smooth delivery of their scholarship award.