by Bella Zenaida Torres Desamito

For just a trickle of moment

Comes the reminiscences of yesterday

Oozing with exuberant joy

Brings you back the past years…. remember?

Twenty fifth is a day to remember

On that cool yet special month of December

You told me you love me with a love

So true, so sincere, so demanding and pure.

Doubtless am I, “too young,” said I

Ah! Twenty is sweet, but mind is wobbly

It thinks Yes! for the meantime

It thinks No… No for LOVE is divine.

We parted, we went to seek our fate

In far places where we dwell

To the North I went, to the South you went

Places where oblivion prevailed …. remember?

In my solitude, I tried to efface your memory

Trying to substitute you with my studies

All day long, I did activities to escape

The haunting nights that your shadow appears on me.

“Fool”, said I to myself

To think of a fabulist man

Why  just dare to study

Perchance, love will soon come by.

Carried by my emotion, I have searched

Some memories, joyful and forlorn

And as time passed by in my life

Gone was your memory in my heart.

Two years have passed, you saw me!

I saw you! Did I conquer you?

Yesterday was being continued

And you promised again to be “TRUE”!

Thirteen so they say is a back luck

For a man and a woman to be in love

But I may say it’s a day to remember

When you saw me on that day of December!

“Gone were those days” I told you

Have passed and been effaced in memory

Gone were those fictitious acts you did

And have vanished and it is just so rapid!

But flattered again, I became serious,

I was bemused and very much confused,

What if you are only mocking at me?

And after that, leave me bamboozle alone?

Remember the silent night we were together?

That night of dream and reality

The exuding of feelings and candid words

And romantically swayed with love and laughter?

Remember that night of joy

On the Twenty sixth of December

The day of confirmation and affirmation

For the love that we swear to keep it pure!

I trusted you for I believe

That you will remain so gentle and pure

Hope you keep it always fresh and sincere

And never let it die and disappear!

We then braved the lockdown

As we dared to care for each other

Even as we are experiencing this pandemic

Because we believe that this will soon last!

SWEETHEART, let me call you

Give as much love to all

To a Mama, to a Papa, to a candid Ella,

You have promised to love us …. REMEMBER?