Institute of Government and Law Reform (IGLR)

The Institute of Government and Law Reform is tasked to undertake research initiatives that provide a more in-depth understanding of existing and pending laws together with implications it raises. Under the 1989 reorganization plan of the UP Law Complex, it was given the following functions:

  1. Discharge the function of the defunct Code Commission by codifying laws and providing comments on pending legislation;   
  2. Undertake technical studies and law research that concerns judiciary reform, public administration, civil rights protection, international relations, and law enforcement; and   
  3. Execute projects that help promote and popularize knowledge in law such as translation of legal materials into Filipino and other major dialects used in the Philippines

Upon request from different government agencies, IGLR renders opinions as consultants and designs short courses for law enforcement agencies and local government leaders. It also conducts educational efforts such as organizing lectures teaching about the Constitution to constituents outside the government and preparing law-related materials for dissemination. Recently, it has also led online information campaigns to assist the citizenry in gaining a more thorough understanding of the issues linked to laws and proposed legislation.

For more information on the Law Center, download the brochure here.

Contact Information

Phone: (+632) 8 920 5514 loc. 202 or 203
Fax: (+632) 8 927 0368

University of the Philippines Law Center, Bocobo Hall
Magsaysay Avenue, UP Diliman, Quezon City 1101 
Phone: (+632) 8 920-5514
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Office of the Associate Dean
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