Institute of Human Rights (IHR)

The Institute of Human Rights is an academic legal resource institute that puts the protection and promotion of human rights at the center of its work. This covers a wide spectrum of issues such as political, civil, economic, social, and cultural rights of people. It especially devotes attention to the needs of minority groups such as those coming from indigenous cultural communities and those coming from the lower brackets of the socio-economic divide (i.e. peasantry, laborers, urban poor, etc.) and non-traditional areas (e.g. climate change, transitional justice).

Driven by its commitment to the full promotion and protection of human rights, IHR spearheads timely and relevant research, publication, training, and other academic-oriented programs that focuses on contributing to the development of law and policy. High standards in their services require them to be responsive to the current social challenges and dynamic legal and law-related needs of Filipinos, yet, firm in its imperative of upholding human dignity and integrity.

Over the years, the institute has produced multiple researches, studies, and publications on various human rights issues including proceedings of symposia and fora. It has also sponsored specialized training programs on human rights in partnership with other human rights organizations such as seminars, symposia, workshops, and other fora. IHR also actively works with government agencies by rendering opinions regarding policy and legal questions on human rights.

Ultimately, IHR envisions to achieve an enabling environment in which individuals and communities enjoy and realize human rights to the fullest extent by being dedicated in the following objectives:

  1. Stimulating research and publication in various specialized fields of human rights;
  2. Playing a key role in the development of a comprehensive human rights policy in the Philippines that addresses the exigencies of human rights protection and promotion;
  3. Digitization and expansion of U.P. Law Complex’s resources on human rights;
  4. Driving the development, promotion, and protection of human rights in the Southeast Asian region;
  5. Taking an active part in international networking for the promotion of human rights; and
  6. Institutionalizing student participation in its programs as a means of developing their skills and instilling the value of promoting public interest

UP-IHR has an extensive network of similarly academic-centered institutions with similar focus on human rights as it is a member of the Southeast Asian Human Rights Network (SEAHRN), ASEAN University Network (AUN), and Asian Consortium on Human Rights-Based Access to Justice (HRBA2J).

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