A Creative Destruction

by Alexa Grace Bulayungan Fontanilla

resentment expired after
the liberty of
every man was issued.
however, they had great difficulty
in the search for
a familiar freedom.

opening the gates
resulted in multiplicity
tolerance was a necessity
there was no alternative
but to learn to live together
persecution could not survive.

a scarcity of individualism
Toleration accorded to dissenters
cooperation had a revival
a resistance to coercion
an emphasis on rights
conscience became tradition.

the sacred
the political
the strong of heart and idealists
a near-perfect status quo
we share the same principles
to remedy the evils
to serve the public.

our people have been
witnesses to history
with much more time at their disposal
the task is integrity
and nobility of ideals.
alone, it can hardly be accomplished

the people know only too well that
not to speak of the present condition
is hypocritical
particularly, those the government
have not attended to

a need for change
a peaceful revolution
a new appreciable strength.