Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea (IMLOS)

As an archipelago, the Philippines holds substantial interests in maritime activities such as international shipping and high seas fisheries. With new developments in global maritime affairs taking place, there is a need to reshape the approach of governments and academic institutions to domestic and regional issues relating to the seas. The UP Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea (IMLOS) was founded to keep up with this change and emerging concerns similar to its neighboring countries in Asia.

IMLOS serves as the country’s national center for independent research and policy studies on maritime matters of interest to the nation. It covers the law of the sea, maritime affairs, and even territorial issues.

Pooling in expertise from the UP College of Law and the UP Law Center, the institute engages in the following activities in relation to the law of the sea, maritime affairs, and territorial studies:

  • Addresses the lack of direct and purposeful research through the publication of interdisciplinary and comparative research in different fields  
  • Opines on issues through legal and policy advice that affect foreign policy recommendations through its Maritime Industry Law Reform Program   
  • Leads training and capacity-building by deepening the knowledge and understanding of maritime affairs and its implications

IMLOS collaborates with a wide network of government groups, non-government organizations, academic institutions, and private entities within and across our country borders.

For more information on the Law Center, download the brochure here.

Contact Information

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