by Charlemagne Revollido Dumaya

The green line treads through black and white
And I wish it was a line of grass
Treading through the concrete cracks
On my way back to school.

The blue line envelopes the words
And I wish it was the cloudless sky
Enveloping me as I
Stare at it while confused.

The yellow line glares through the page
And I wish it was the noontime sun
Glaring on my skin at one
When I rush to the room.

The orange line breaks the humdrum
And I wish it was the Oval’s lights
Breaking through the coming night
As the campus winds down.

The pink line marks important words
And I wish it was my classmates’ lips
Marking smiles as an answer slips
Out grating through my nerves.

These lines keep playing and I remember
As I wish they’re not a mere reminder
Taunting with the thought that somewhere
In the near future is an answer —

Till then the colors serve
As mere placeholder.