annihilate the chasm!

by Louise Aubrey Patrocinio Mejia

there is an endless sea of chaos
there is a chasm, an abyss
a distance that grows more distant
with every lung-ripped breath

do not look into the abyss!
that is not the point

direct your gaze beyond the infinite darkness
direct your gaze to this:
( upon the harsh crimson that spills, spills, spills, keeps spilling )
( upon the flooded fields of incompetence and sorrow )
( upon the seas we have filled with our tears )
( upon the cities torn asunder with rage )

hear the caterwauling cries of grieving hearts and growling stomachs!
read between the sickly sweet lines of saccharine lies!

direct your gaze to what lies beyond the abyss, and realize:
there is no path.
not yet.

so flood every crevice with your tears
collapse the cliffs whole with your screams
claw the rocks away until your fingers bleed
clasp your hand to the stranger’s
breathe in the pain,
breathe, breathe, breathe, keep breathing!
breathe until this pain is your pain
beat every heartbeat, step every footstep
until there is no you, there is no i

freedom is not an individual pursuit.
my liberation is intimately entangled with yours.
and this, this is the only way
to brave a new path forward

take the first step,
be warned: there is no last.
there is no end.


annihilate the chasm that lies between you and i;
destroy the gorge that separates the stranger from the self.