What isolation does to the spirit

by Ronalyn Villa Pilones

My words
Seem frail
In light of
The world’s heavy burden

My deeds
Seem small
As I stay
Confined inside my home

The world
Seems wide
Too far from
The space where I can move

The world
Seems complex
From where I
Stand alone in empty rooms

My mind
Cries for
A reprieve
Although it’s been dormant thus far

My hands
Are tied
And often
Shake from uncertainty

My voice
Seems futile
As I shout
Indignation from behind my screen

But I
Use them
When I am
Able to see a small shot at purpose

My words
Thoughts one
Can feel from beyond the screen

My voice
Can soothe
When turned
To those who need to hear

My hands
Can heal
Once I
Reach out and take a chance

My heart
Will keep
On beating
Until I can go unto the world again.