Covid Nineteen, Enemy Unseen

by Rosa Maria Juan-Bautista


Greedy and hungry, you took more and more

and more lives,

now exceeding a global million,

When will you stop?

Loved ones, heroes,

mothers, frontliners,

suddenly, steadfastly,

mercilessly, treacherously.

The one person I love

flew out of my life like a dove;

our breath you rob

When will you stop?

Money drained, jobs lost,

banks and shops closed

Unseen you move

A victor, you prove

Our lives are not our own

Wealth and treasures we pawn;

Death inflames our minds

Burning, fearing we might be the next victim.

Unpredictable, unconquerable

All the world’s intelligence

seem useless, bursting with impertinence;

Someday you will be vanquished!!

When oh when, we pray to God

one day mankind will win;

Covid nineteen hopelessly down in ruin

The enemy unseen is dying.

God’s love never wanes

No more Covid nineteen!!

The unseen finally is seen and slain!!

The Lord blesses our timeless dream.