Hope is evergreen

by Marie Danielle Angela Magbanua Dela Cruz

Humanity’s greed knows no bounds indeed,
We will always find another reason to bleed,
One might think that we have learned,
Yet what can people do but burn?

The year 2020 will forever be,
An unforgettable year for you and me,
It is the time the world pays the fee,
For such a painful sight to see.

When I realize life has given me a taste,
Of what scientists have always warned with haste,
Regret and disappointment for the past me,
Who did not listen, did not speak, did not see.

But dear, don’t fret, hope is near,
Truly giving up is the worst kind of fear,
There’s still hope for mankind, always evergreen,
For there will be love and kindness even if unseen.

Come now, dry your tears,
This is not the end of our years,
The fight has only just begun,
Our future is far from being done.

A rainbow exists at the end of the line,
Soon we can all see the skyline,
That day when our fate and hopes align,
For there will never be a sight more sublime.