When getting ‘91% approval’ means things are really bad

by John Molo 'When you live in a shanty, you are keenly aware how one loose comment can reach the wrong person, and get you kicked out. And that was before the drug war, not to mention the pandemic.' When Pulse Asia released its findings showing that the President had a “91% approval rating,” it received a lot of pushback. Being neither Dilawan nor DDS, I was more surprised about the actual numerical rating than the fact that it was still high. The President remains popular. But a President remaining popular is one thing; getting a “91% approval rating” is…

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Bombs or Disease: The false choice in Myanmar’s conflict areas

by Jenny Domino If Myanmar needs a guide in its fight against COVID-19, it need look no further than what human rights law already demands of it. As COVID-19 cases surged in Rakhine State in late August, State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi affirmed that government responses to the pandemic would not discriminate based on faith or ethnicity. No one would be left behind in the fight against COVID-19, she promised. These words carry particular weight in northern Rakhine, where an ethnic-based armed conflict persists. Fighting between the Myanmar military and the Arakan Army has led to the death,…

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UP Law Faculty Blog

FACULTY BLOG Our Faculty Blog is a space for various commentaries and learning materials (audio, video, or interactive media) from UP Law professors and faculty members. Individual contributions published here do not necessarily reflect the opinions, stands, and values of the UP College of Law and UP Law Center. To sign-up, please contact the Information and Publications Division (IPD) via email: ipd_law.upd@up.edu.ph — detailed instructions on how to send in contributions or how to make a blog post will also be sent through your email.VIEW RECENT POSTS Sample Blog Entry (Guide to Posting Blogs) First Name Last Name January 1,…

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