Philippines and the United Nations at 75 Years: Past Performance, Future Prospects

by Prof. Andre Palacios

“The Philippines was an active participant in the San Francisco Conference 75 years ago. We must continue to be an active participant in defining the UN’s role for the next 75 years. Like with the successful of the Manila Declaration, the Philippines can lead in developing a consensus among states for reshaping the international legal system.”

UP Law Assistant Professor Andre Palacios delivered the lecture during the webinar entitled “In Larger Freedoms: 75 Years of the Philippines and the Charter of the United Nations.” The event was organized by the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the UN’s establishment and adoption of its Charter.

Prof. Palacios examined the nature of the UN as an extraordinary organization created by a special treaty and with organs having exceptional powers. He analyzed the UN’s past performance against the standard prescribed under the Philippine Constitution: our national interest. He then outlined our country’s options for its future relationship with the UN.