February 2021 | International Law Alerts | European Union


In order to respond to European citizens’ growing concerns, data on the number of vaccine doses supplied and on the vaccination schedules for each country must be transparent and provided on a monthly basis until the summer, say MEPs of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee (ENVI).

“We strongly condemn the recent decision by the Russian Federation to expel from the country three EU diplomats, respectively from Germany, Poland and Sweden. The expulsion of those diplomats is utterly unjustified and runs counter to the letter and spirit of the Vienna convention, which explicitly allows diplomats to ascertain by all lawful means conditions and developments in the receiving State, and report thereon to the Government of the sending State.

In a debate on Tuesday afternoon with EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell on the current situation in Russia, some MEPs defended the purpose of his visit, whilst many condemned the trip to Moscow.

France, Italy, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic received their first shipments of the AstraZeneca vaccine on Saturday.

Hopes that the Iran nuclear deal could be revived were buoyed after the election of Joe Biden as US president, his predecessor Donald Trump having pulled out of the accord in 2018.

But the agreement remains shaky as Iran recently resumed uranium enrichment operations.

In the Czech Republic, the rise of COVID-19 patients is intensifying the pressure at hospitals. The Health Ministry describes the situation as critical with more than 120,000 active cases at the moment.

The UNHCR and IOM are calling for European countries to resume and strengthen Europe’s search and rescue system after yet more deaths in the Central Mediterranean.

The European Union condemns in the strongest terms the military coup carried out in Myanmar.

It is an unacceptable attempt to forcibly overturn the will of the people of Myanmar. Through their high turnout, the people of Myanmar expressed their strong belief in the democratic process in the general election on 8 November 2020. The election marked an important milestone in the country’s democratic transition. Any allegation of voting irregularities has to be settled within the proper legal and administrative channels. Overturning the choice of the people of Myanmar by force is illegal, against the principles of democracy and takes the country backwards.

The first ever Sub-Committee on Good Governance, Rule of Law and Human Rights under the new European Union – Philippines Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) met on 5 February 2021 via videoconference.

President Duterte welcomed the newly designated ambassadors of the European Union (EU) and four other countries who presented their diplomatic credentials in Malacañang on Wednesday afternoon.

The Philippines, along with 91 low and middle-income countries, is exempted from the European Union’s export ban on Covid-19 vaccines, the trading bloc’s delegation in Manila said.