2020 “After Jessup” International Moot Court Champions

The UP College of Law Jessup Team wins the 2020 ‘After Jessup’ International Moot Court Competition.

The team was crowned International Champions after defeating the South African Team in the finals.

The virtual tournament was organized by the International Association of Law Schools, in cooperation with the International Law Students Association, to afford the best qualifying Jessup teams around the world an opportunity to compete internationally amid the Covid-19 pandemic. This international competition was participated in by other Jessup national champion teams from different regions of the world. The team is composed of Team Captain Leslie Diane Torres, Abelardo Hernandez, Anton Miguel Sison, Therese Ravina, and Bianca Isabella Ortiz. Prof. Rommel Casis served as the team’s coach and moderator. He was assisted by Lee Edson Yarcia, Gemmo Fernandez, and Marianne Vitug.

In recognition of the team’s accomplishment, the organizers will also award $500 to the University’s Jessup program.

Prior to the After Jessup Competition, the same team was previously crowned as the National Champions in the Philippine Qualifying Rounds of the 2020 Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition after advancing undefeated. Their achievement marked UP’s first 3-peat Jessup National Championship.

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  • Post last modified:September 14, 2020