Prof. JJ Disini: Is Cyber Libel a continuing crime?

Prof. JJ Disini: Is Cyber Libel a continuing crime?

Professor JJ Disini of the UP College of Law,  a Cybercrime Law expert, believes that such a view would prove dangerous for media.

Prof. Disini is Rappler’s lawyer in the libel Complaint filed by businessman Wilfredo Keng, who was the subject of an investigative report published in May 2012 by the news site. The Complaint avers that notwithstanding the date of publication, libel has been committed.

On the theory of continuous publication, Professor Disini argues that “If the theory is that a libelous article published in the past, continues to be accessible today, and that such constitutes libel today, then no one is safe” — not just in media but would also include bloggers. He said that he could not recall any case in Philippine jurisprudence where the theory of continuous publication was applied.

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