Philippine Law Review Call for Papers

Philippine Law Review Call for Papers

The Philippine Law Review is the country’s first online peer-reviewed law journal for law faculty and legal professionals. It will provide a platform for scholarship in advanced legal topics and will be led by an editorial staff of professors from leading law schools across the country.

Our special inaugural issue will cover perspectives on the life, practice, and worldview of the law in this unprecedented period of a global pandemic. Authors may submit full articles or short reflections on legal issues arising from COVID-19, as well as law and legal practice in the wake of the disease. Topics covered may include, but shall not be limited to:

  1. Legal history on the origins and trajectory of COVID-19, as indicated by relevant legal instruments.
  2. Analysis of laws applicable to the lockdown and the government’s acts under these laws.
  3. Balancing of values and interests — civil and human rights, public safety, economic development, health and the environment.
  4. Impact of the lockdown on legal practice and legal education.
  5. Building better, more resilient, institutions in the post-lockdown era.
  6. Clinical practice notes on lockdown-related cases.
  7. State Responsibility and liability of state officials for wrongful acts committed in relation to the pandemic.
  8. Constitutional resilience against pandemics.
  9. International relations and international organizations during the pandemic.

Papers for this issue shall be reviewed and published on a rolling basis and may be submitted until May 31, 2021. To submit your work, and to know more about our editorial policies, please go to (authors will be required to sign up for an account with the paper submission system).

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