Jurisprudence on Martial Law Atrocities and Stories

The Law Remembers: Philippine Jurisprudence on Martial Law Atrocities and Stories

21 September 1972 marks the day when the late Dictator Ferdinand Marcos signed Proclamation No. 1081, placing the Philippines under a nationwide state of Martial Law. In what has come to be one of the country’s darkest chapters, Marcos’ tyrannical regime oversaw thousands of human rights violations, including tortures, enforced disappearances, internal displacements, and extrajudicial killings.

Legal truths are determined to serve justice. They are ascertained by a judge through a court trial which is governed by procedural and evidentiary rules. They are truths that relate to past events because the legal system is deciding matters of past fact in relation to an actual controversy. This album compiles quotes from Supreme Court cases related to Martial Law and the Marcos dictatorship, with the aim to commemorate the experiences of the victims of human rights violations during the Marcos Regime, and show how the Judiciary resolved them under the rule of law. The UP IHR joins the nation in remembering the 49th anniversary of the declaration of martial law, and the sacrifices of the Filipino people in the struggle against tyrannical rule and oppression.

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