Prof. Tony La Viña: The Future of our Constitution

Prof. Tony La Viña: The Future of our Constitution

Commenting on Professor Dante Gatmaytan’s professorial lecture on “The Role of the Judiciary in Constitutional Deconsecration,” columnist of Eagle Eyes, Tony La Viña, reflects on the impact of the quo warranto Hearing in the Supreme Court, against Chief Justice Sereno.

 The article reflects on the likely impact — of a decision granting the petition — on: constitutional rule, the judiciary itself, and on the teaching of constitutional law in the country; whether the quo warranto case can be properly decided pro hac vice; and that “it will radically overturn our constitutional system not just of accountability but also of constitutional interpretation.”

A Professor of Law, La Viña  warns against three fundamental rules that are at stake: the basic principle that regarding political decisions the judiciary should not preempt political bodies; the question of the prescription period during which quo warranto petitions can be filed; and “most important is that it puts the legitimacy of the Court in question, in particular whether it can be trusted to be the last word in interpreting the law and the Constitution.”

“The future of our Constitution”, published by the Manila Times may be accessed in its entirety at :


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