Now available at the UPLC Book Room: “Underclass: Public Interest Law Practice Perspectives” by Prof. Dante B. Gatmaytan

Now available at the UPLC Book Room: “Underclass: Public Interest Law Practice Perspectives” by Prof. Dante B. Gatmaytan


(Faculty Scholarship Series)
By Prof. Dante B. Gatmaytan

“This book is a work of scholarship but also relevant to the advocacies of the time. It is worth the read from its first page to the last.”
– Associate Justice Marvic M.V.F. Leonen
Supreme Court of the Philippines

This collection of Articles illustrates how the law can be used to subjugate marginalized sectors in the Philippines. Laws create hierarchies based on, among other things, class, ethnicity, or gender. These pieces were written during the course of a legal practice working with rural poor communities. They challenge hierarchies created by law and supports community efforts to pressure policy makers to review the unwritten premises of the law.

The articles included are:

I. The Environment

a.) The Illusion of Intergenerational Equity: Oposa v. Factoran as Pyrrhic Victory

b.) Artificial Judicial Environmental Activism: Oposa v. Factoran as Aberration

c.) Judicial Restraint and the Enforcement of Environmental Rights in the Philippines

d.) Uprooting the Underclass: Comprehending Development Displacement as an Environmental Justice Issue

II. Gender
a.) Death and the Maid: Work, Violence, and the Filipina in the International Labor Market

b.) Character, Credibility, and Contradiction: Rape Law and the Judicial Construction of the Filipina

III. Indigenous Peoples

a.) From Cariño to Central Mindanao University: The Troubled Trek of the Right to Ancestral Domains

IV. Agrarian Reform
a.) Eyes Wide Shut: Judicial Avoidance and Agrarian Reform Law

V. AIDS Discrimination
a.) Legal and Policy Issues Pertaining to the Mandatory Separation of HIV-Positive Military Personnel

VI. Conclusion
a.) Irreverence


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