ASEAN Law Research Program

  • ASEAN: Fifty Years Hence

The project aims to put in perspective the last 50 years of the ASEAN: to recognize the milestones of the organization, identify current and relevant issues, and to assess options and plans looking forward. The output seeks to consolidate various fields of expertise in a publication designed to inform the general public of the ASEAN’s past, present and future while stimulating conversation in the policy and academic circles. The publication will include three main sections, namely, economic, socio-cultural and political-security. The authors will include local and foreign experts on each topic in order to present the Philippine and international perspectives.


  • ASEAN Economic Integration: Solutions to Legal Challenges for the Philippines

Edited by Prof. Harry L. Roque, Dean Ramon L. Clarete and Atty. Celeste C. Mallari

This collection is the third and culminating phase of a legal audit project of the Institute of International Legal Studies of the University of the Philippines Law Complex.  It contains papers presented at a forum, as well as the input of experts on the ASEAN.  The compilation explains the intricacies of integration and contributes to the understanding and fulfilment of the ASEAN Economic Community’s goals.