“The Black letter law does not operate in a vacuum but in a concrete context”

So elucidates Law teacher and columnist Tony La Viña on the import of R.A. 10592 or the GCTA law, in light of the public outcry against the release from New Bilibid Prison of life-termer Antonio Sanchez.

In his column “Eagle Eyes” of 31 August, Professor La Viña, a human rights advocate, guides the reader through the beginnings and the spirit of the law, which is “to reward authentic good behavior”. It need not exclude “all those who have committed heinous crimes,” he contends.

Professor La Viña also expresses apprehension when he states that: “It is a truism that difficult cases with particular and unique facts make for bad law.” Arguing that “the operational code, which diverges from the black letter law, is more real,” he concludes that either way, the law is implemented in the Sanchez case, it will go “badly and in a flawed manner.”

The full article may be accessed at: http://manilastandard.net/opinion/columns/eagle-eyes-by-tony-lavina/303725/disqualifying-sanchez-from-gcta.html