A call on Law Faculty to help generate a better informed public

In a media conversation moderated by Maritess Vitug on the topic “Inside the Supreme Court,” with Professor Teodoro Te and  reporter Lian Buan, Justice Leonen called on legal academics to “assist the public in the interpretation of certain decisions.”  A good part of the exchange dealt with how the public needs to understand the workings of the SC and how the Court arrives at its decisions. Justice Leonen advocated that it is the role of law academia to “explain the decision” in a manner that imbues public understanding with legal principles. In this endeavour he said that the media could also play an enlightened role.

The talk was conducted in “Sui generis”  a regular column of Rappler and may be accessed at : https://www.rappler.com/nation/215085-interview-marvic-leonen-about-supreme-court-philippines?fbclid=IwAR0eUCB6tQKOoGJIipuGzWl3fxj8ofMYQQaHrZ5_jxGtizy55v1Opr0B_OI