UP Community bids farewell to Sec. Edgardo Angara

UP Community bids farewell to Sec. Edgardo Angara

Paalam kay PEJA

The UP community led by President Danilo Concepcion and four past Presidents (Emmanuel Soriano, Jose Abueva, Emerlinda Roman, Francisco Nemenzo) paid their respects to an esteemed son and President of his alma mater, the University of the Philippines, in a final farewell on 18 May 2018 held in Malcolm Hall.

Edgardo J. Angara, who ably steered UP (1981-1987) during a turbulent period in the nation’s history, passed away at age 83 on 13 May 2018. During his six years as President of the UP, EJA made fundamental and enduring structural changes in the academic program as well as corporate reorganization of the university that sustain the present UP system.  In his tribute, President Concepcion recognized the sweeping reforms made by PEJA and his successful efforts at harnessing the enthusiasm of UP alumni to support their alma mater through the UP Centennial Fund.  DLC acknowledged that his service to the nation was carried out in the grand manner and his life can be measured only by that standard.

After his term in UP EJA went on to become Senator of the land, served as Executive Secretary during the Estrada years, and served in the public sector in various other capacities. But the advocacy dearest to his heart was Education and the mentoring of the young Filipino. President Emerlinda Roman who worked with EJA for well nigh thirty years, bore testimony to his style of leadership in the UP and the quality of legislation he introduced as Senator of the land.  She spoke of a man of vision, who was passionate but detached, and one who demanded high standards of those who worked with him. She summed up her tribute with the remark that “People have said of Edgardo Angara that he was the best president the country never had.”


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