UP College of Law Sends Academic Delegation to Spain

UP College of Law Sends Academic Delegation to Spain

The UP College of Law sent a delegation (from June 14 to 20, 2019) to leading institutions of legal education in Spain, to renew its academic ties and to participate in the 5th International Scientific Congress – Five Centuries Sailing the Legal World.

Led by Dean-Fides Cordero-Tan, the delegation visited Malaga to renew its ongoing collaboration with the Universidad de Malaga Facultad de Derecho. This partnership, born of a mutual interest in the links between Philippine and Spanish law, has since flourished to produce scholarship on both contemporary and legal issues, an annual academic conference, and an exchange of scholars. In Malaga, the UP Law delegation attended a series of presentations on the shared history of the Philippines and Spain.

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The UP Law delegation then flew to Bilbao, to present papers and attend the 5th International Scientific Congress, hosted by the University of Deusto Faculty of Law. Dean Cordero-Tan and Professor Reuben Balane delivered opening remarks in both Spanish (to the delight of the hosts) and English. UP President (and former Dean of the College of Law) Prof. Danilo L. Concepcion, a civil law expert and one of the architects of the partnership with the Spanish universities, also attended the conference. With him was his wife, Atty. Gabby Concepcion, also a member of the UP Law faculty.

The international legal conference was held over three days, with scholars from all over the world presenting their findings. Two faculty members from UP Law – Professor Solomon Lumba and Atty. Golda Minoza, participated in the panel for “Colonialism, Identity, and the Evolution of Civil Law”. Professor Lumba presented a framework for validating the legal and moral basis of the social function of property, tracing the concept’s origins from European thinkers, to the Spanish Constitution before becoming part of our constitutional tradition. Atty. Minoza, on the other hand, argued that key concepts (such as the RegalianDoctrine) from the Spanish legal tradition have survived to embed themselves in our supposedly “americanized” constitution. In between academic panels, the delegation participated in educational trips and social events, networking with their fellow scholars to explore future collaboration.

Finally, the proceedings were turned over to the University of the Philippines, which will host the 6th iteration of the conference next year in Manila.


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