The UP College of Law Scholarship Program



The UP College of Law Scholarship Program is now accepting applications for the second semester, Academic Year 2020-2021.

The scholar may receive up to a full tuition fee grant, book allowance (PHP 10,000.00), and a monthly stipend for the whole semester (PHP 10,000.00/month).

Requirements for New Applicants

1. Fill up the application form (

2. Letter of Intent

    • Please indicate all the reasons why the applicant should be granted a scholarship. Note that diversity (e.g. self-ascription as an LGBTQ+, member of an Indigenous Cultural Community/Indigenous Peoples, single parent) are factors that will be considered.
    • Kindly include this sworn declaration in your Letter of Intent:

“I declare under the penalty of misconduct, as provided in the Student Handbook of the University of the Philippines, that the information provided in my application, its annexes, and the Letter of Intent are true and correct.”

3. Latest Income Tax Return of applicant (if employed), spouse (if married), and father and mother (if they are working).

Please note that the scholarship is available FOR BONA FIDE STUDENTS OF THE UP COLLEGE OF LAW ONLY.

Applications will be accepted until February 7, 2021. Requirements #2 and #3 must be emailed to


For the old scholars who wish to renew their scholarship, submit a Letter of Intent. For those who wish to be in higher Tiers, please include an explanation of why you should be included in a higher tier in your Letter of Intent and provide supporting documents applicable to your case.


Requirements must be emailed to on or before January 31. Failure to submit the requirements on time will result in assuming disinterest in continuing your scholarship.

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