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The Price of Silence : A Legal Lesson

The Price of Silence : A Legal Lesson

Law Professor Jay Batongbacal counseled on the implications of staying silent in international intercourse. He explained that in the face of continuing provocations carried out in Scarborough Shoal by China, lack of action or protest on the part of the Philippines implies that “. . . every time China asserts jurisdiction and ownership of the area it means we have given up” any claim to it.

In “The Chiefs” on One News Channel the widely recognized marine law expert expressed this concern, saying “We will not be able to recover Scarborough Shoal anymore because we will be deemed to have already acquiesced to Chinese acquisition of that shoal.”

The fuller report may be accessed at: https://news.tv5.com.ph/breaking/read/we-stayed-silent-ph-will-lose-scarborough-completely-if-downplaying-continues-expert

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