Prof. Tony La Viña: “Wrong Premises of ICC Withdrawal”

Prof. Tony La Viña: “Wrong Premises of ICC Withdrawal”

The Philippine Executive  recently announced an immediate withdrawal of its membership from the International Criminal Court. The main argument raised by the Duterte administration is the unenforcability of the Rome Statute in Philippine jurisdiction, due to lack of its publication as required by domestic law.

In the first of a 3-part series on the Philippine withdrawal from the ICC, Professor Antonio La Viña begins with a refutation of two grounds invoked by the Government: lack of publication of and alleged fraud.

In “Wrong premises of ICC withdrawal,”  Eagle Eyes columnist Tony La Viña , who is versed in International Law, through his advocacies of human rights and environmental law, takes the reader through the treaty-making process and requirements as provided in different domestic laws to show the fallacy of the government’s position.

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