Legal Lesson in the Misuse Of Law

Lawfaremisuse of the law to go after perceived political enemies

In a extensive interview Professor Antonio La Viña presented a thoughtful reflection on what needs to be done in the face of the number of cases using lawfare to go after critics of the government, be they in business, activists, opposition politicians, religious people, or perceived dissenters in the provinces.

Civil Liberties defender-lawyer La Vina, expressed alarm at how “we are at the stage where law across the board is being used to go after those this administration thinks is their enemy – the law is being used to go after them.” He explained how lawyers could counter the weaponization of the law with the proper use of the “words” of the law being invoked. Likeminded legal groups and organizations will converge to hold a whole day forum on Lawfare at La Salle Taft to discuss and unclutter the understanding of how the Law, particularly the Bill of Rights, is supposed to serve the citizenry. The conference should be an event of interest to all, but particularly to law students.

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