As of April 16, 2021: The Admissions Committee is pleased to announce that a total of 1,494 applicants have qualified to take the LAE which is scheduled on 16 May 2021, Sunday, 9:00 a.m. The LAE 2021 will be conducted online through ExamSoft. The  deadline for payment of the LAE fee is on 10 May 2021, Wednesday.

Prior to the LAE, a Mock LAE will be held on 02 May 2021, Sunday, 9:00 a.m. The Mock LAE is a prerequisite for the LAE, and failure to take the Mock LAE is a ground for disqualification from taking the LAE. Credentials for the LAE and Mock LAE will be sent to the qualified applicants individually. Applicants are advised to monitor the UP LAE 2021 Announcement’s forum in their Moodle accounts for instructions on setting up ExamSoft accounts, how to take both the Mock LAE and the LAE proper and other instructions.

The College may investigate possible misconduct committed during the pre-LAE online course. This release of names of LAE qualifiers is without prejudice to the results of any such investigation. Applicants found to be guilty of any misconduct during the pre-LAE online course may still be disqualified and refused admission despite being allowed to take the LAE.

Click here to download the List of Qualified Applicants for the LAE 2021. 

The cost of the application, availability of logistical support and scholarships, and other details are available at the LAE Frequently Asked Questions Page.

1. Applicants to the program leading to Juris Doctor (J.D.) are required to have satisfactorily completed in an authorized university or college a bachelor’s degree in arts or science with any of the following subjects as major or field of concentration:

Political Science





A bachelor’s degree holder in a field other than those mentioned above must have earned the following minimum number of units:


12 Units

History or Economics

9 Units

Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology

9 Units

Rizal Course

3 Units

2. Proof of graduation or senior standing in a Bachelor’s degree course:


  • Official Transcript of Records (OTR)
  • General Weighted Average (GWA) as computed and certified by the school registrar


  • Certification from the school registrar that the applicant is a candidate for graduation for the current school year
  • Latest Official Transcript of Records (OTR)
  • General Weighted Average (GWA) as computed and certified by the school registrar
  • Copy of the curriculum of the course the applicant is graduating in.

(N.B. For enrollment in the UP College of Law, a successful applicant must already be a baccalaureate degree holder.)


  • Certification of good standing The certification must include the fact that the applicant is not disqualified by any reason to re-enroll in the said school the next school year.
  • Official Transcript of Records (OTR)

If your GWA is already included in your Official Transcript of Records, you may upload the page of your Official Transcript of Records where your GWA is indicated as Proof of Graduation and/or Certificate of GWA to comply with the requirements in the online registration. 

The LAE registration website will transcode your GWA from your school’s grading system into a score that conforms with the University of the Philippines standard. If the LAE registration website does not recognize your school’s grading system, please ensure that either 1) the Official Transcript of Records already contains the grading system used by the school; or 2) a Certificate of grading system used is included in the Official Transcript of Records that you upload.

3. ID picture (2” x 2”) with white background. Accepted image formats are .jpg, .jpeg and .png

4. Proof of payment of testing fee, which will be made upon receipt of the Order of Payment and which will be needed to complete your registration:

  • Landbank validated deposit slip with applicant’s name
  • Official receipt from University of the Philippines with applicant’s name
  • For applicants who want to seek exemption from payment of the testing fee, the latest original or duly certified Income Tax Return or a Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) certification that the taxpayer is exempted from filing a tax return

The UP College of Law extends financial assistance based on need. We can waive the payment of the testing fee and provide scholarships to deserving students.

Admission to the UP College of Law is highly competitive and based solely on merit. With limited slots available in each incoming class, UP Law has a selective admission process. We take into consideration a holistic set of factors in determining admission.  In addition to your LAE results and GWA, UP Law can consider other information in your application form, an in-person interview, and ask for other requirements as may be deemed necessary.

No appeals regarding the final list of applicants qualified for admission shall be entertained. 


Please note that, due to the current work-from-home arrangement in the College of Law, all payments of the One Thousand Pesos (PhP 1,000.00) LAE fee are requested to be made BY BANK DEPOSIT ONLY. Deposit can be made to any Landbank of the Philippines branch or through online bank transfer. 

The account details are as follows:

Bank: Landbank of the Philippines
Account Name: UPD Revolving Fund
Account Number: 3072-1006-96
Deadline for payment is on 10 May 2021. 

Please upload a copy of your deposit slip or proof of online bank transfer to your LAE account and email the same to Thank you.


LAE 2024 Manual for Examinees

The Law Aptitude Exam for 2024 will be delivered online through ExamSoft, a secure testing solution used for administering exams. You will be required to install Examplify, an application used to download and take exams. Examplify will allow you to securely take examinations offline on a Mac or Windows computer (desktop or laptop), blocking access to files, programs, and the internet during your exam. You will be asked to download an encrypted exam file prior to the exam day, be provided with a secure password to access the exam at the scheduled exam time, and upload your answers after the exam.

Prior to the exam, ExamID will take your picture to compare to your baseline image (captured during the Mock Exam) in order to proceed with the exam.

Access to the internet is only required to download and upload the exam. You can take the exam without a continuous network connection. Examplify will verify your student ID prior to starting the exam and an automated proctoring system, ExamMonitor, will observe students during the exam using video and audio monitoring.

All LAE examinees are expected to read and understand this manual before contacting Support and taking the exam.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for additional guidance when preparing your LAE application.

Please read the LAE Data Privacy Notice for your guidance. 

Contact Information College Secretary, UP College of Law Phone: (+632) 8 920 5514 loc. 103 Email:


The UP College of Law administers its annual Law Aptitude Examination (LAE) as part of its application process. Registering for the LAE can only be completed online. You will be redirected to a separate website to ensure secure data management.