Guidelines for 2021 Law Aptitude Examination

Guidelines for 2021 Law Aptitude Examination is NOW AVAILABLE
Download LAE Manual for more information

The Law Aptitude Exam (LAE) for 2021 will be delivered online through ExamSoft, a secure testing solution used for administering exams. You will be required to install Examplify, an application used to download and take exams. Examplify will allow you to securely take examinations offline on a Mac or Windows computer (desktop or laptop), blocking access to files, programs, and the internet during your exam. You will be asked to download an encrypted exam file prior to the exam day, be provided with a secure password to access the exam at the scheduled exam time, and upload your answers after the exam.

Prior to the exam, ExamID will take your picture to compare to your baseline image (captured during the Mock Exam) in order to proceed with the exam.

Access to the internet is only required to download and upload the exam. You can take the exam without a continuous network connection. Examplify will verify your student ID prior to starting the exam and an automated proctoring system, ExamMonitor, will observe students during the exam using video and audio monitoring.

All LAE examinees are expected to read and understand this manual before contacting Support and taking the exam.

Please take note of the following important events:

  1. After publication of the list of those who are qualified to take the LAE (, you will be enrolled in a new Moodle class called “UP LAE 2021”. Once enrolled in that class, you will be issued an ExamSoft account.
  2. Once Examplify is installed on your computer, login using your ExamSoft account to download the exam file. You may open the exam file and take the exam through a password which will be published in the UP LAE 2021 Moodle class (as well as the UP College of Law’s website and social media accounts) at least 15 minutes before the exam schedule.
  3. There will be two required exams:
    1. A Mock Exam on May 02, 2021 – this will not be graded, but is required in order to test your ability to take the exam.
    2. The 2021 LAE on May 16, 2021 – this will be graded and will form part of the basis for determining admission to the UP College of Law.

Taking the Mock Exam is MANDATORY and failure to take it will disqualify you from taking the 2021 LAE.

  1. Exam-takers will complete both exams offline with audio and video being recorded for purposes of ensuring integrity of the exam results.
  2. After an exam is submitted, the exam-taker’s encrypted answer file is uploaded along with encrypted audio/video to a secure server. The audio/video file will be processed by an A.I. tool that will flag potential anomalies. Human proctors will review these potential anomalies.
  3. The final list of those who passed the LAE (as well as further requirements, if any) shall be published in the U.P. College of Law website and its social media accounts. Monitor regularly for updates.

Download the 2021 LAE Manual


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