Global Magnitsky Act: As International Law

Global Magnitsky Act: As International Law

Leading human rights advocate and public international law teacher Antonio La Viña elucidates the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act, which sanctions specific violators of human rights, globally. It bans them from entry into the USA along with freezing of their assets.
In his column “Eagle Eyes” in the Manila Standard of 30 December 2019, Professor La Viña explains that “human rights atrocities violate jus cogens norms”. He then discusses how the US enacted Magnitsky Act of 2012 is now being implemented through the US 2020 budget by inserting a provision on Senator Leila de Lima’s case in the State and foreign operations appropriations bill. “It is now immediately executory and officials and individuals who have been complicit in De Lima’s persecution are now covered by the Global Magnitsky Act,” concludes La Viña.

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In an interview on ANC’s “Matters Fact”, he clarified how the provision on Senator Leila De Lima in the 2020 US budget will be implemented. He explained that it will have to undergo the process of identifying the specific people behind the arrest of De Lima before sanctions can be implemented. Asked whether the ban would be implemented within the year, Prof. La Viña, answered in the affirmative. La Viña is a Member of the Committee for Freedom of De Lima.

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