Demise of Fundamental Freedoms

On Public Apathy, Weaponization of the Law, and the Demise of Fundamental Freedoms

An Opinion piece in the Rappler on 7 May, rings alarm-bells concerning the new “norms” evolving in governance. Commenting on the shut-down of ABS-CBN, Professor John Molo who teaches Constitutional Law at UP, takes us through the process that enabled such a move – from the acquiescence to a fatal government measure, to the normalization of impunity, down to the express undermining of fundamental freedoms.

The Opinion traces the many extra-Constitutional acts of Government that have honed the art of “weaponizing the law,” which an uncomplaining public has allowed to “normalize”.

“No single event led to this, says the good Professor. “No lone person could have pulled it off without our apathy and without supporters who cheered the ascent to near absolute power”.

Professor Molo’s analysis as presented in the opinion piece, requires legal activism to challenge such skewed use of the Law and wide dissemination in the law community.

The Opinion: How a death in Manila let to the fall of a media giant may be accessed at:


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