Class of 1992 heads 2017 UP Law Grand Alumni Homecoming

Class of 1992 heads 2017 UP Law Grand Alumni Homecoming

Dubbed the “Rock of Legis,” UP Law Alumni Grand Homecoming was held last Friday, 17 November 2017, at the Rizal Ballroom of Shangri-La Hotel, Makati. At the forefront of the celebration was the UP Law Class of 1992.Honored as the “rock of legal education” were the UP Law Faculty, as core elements in the success of the respective careers and vocations of the present alumni. The Class of 1992 dedicated the proceeds of various fundraising activities to the medical fund of retired faculty members.

The event also involved a silent art auction for the attendees, featuring the works of notable Filipino artists.

Rock of Legis video:
Introductory text from the Souvenir Programme:

Rock of Legis: The 2017 U.P. College of Law Grand Alumni Homecoming“The College of Law of the University of the Philippines is one of the oldest institutions of learning in the country. Its rich traditions of excellence and of teaching law in a grand manner serve as the bar by which legal education is measured in the Philippines. The Malcolm Hall and the UP Law Complex stand as ageless testaments to the College’s steady influence on the Filipino’s continuing search for stability and relevance in an ever changing world. To call the UP College of Law as the rock of legal education is but an apt description of this esteemed institution’s place in Philippine society.

“Future presidents of the country, chief justices of the Supreme Court, legislators, jurists, legal luminaries and social movers who defined and continue to weave the fabric of Filipino history and aspiration at one time walked along the corridors of Malcolm Hall. These stalwart men and women of the UP Law Faculty are the rock of legis who molded the minds and hearts of our country’s future legal leaders and learners.“For this year’s homecoming, the Class of 1992 honors these rock of legis. They are the core elements in our success in our respective careers and vocations today. As our way of expressing our gratitude, we have donated to the medical fund for retired law professors, among others. We also refurbished the second floor restrooms of Malcolm Hall, for the students and faculty. Prof. Ruben F. Balane, a legal rock star who has served the UP College of Law for nearly four decades, was our keynote speaker at the homecoming gala, and was regaled yet again by his wit, wisdom, and brilliance.

“Long live the Rock of Legis!”

– UP Law Class of 1992


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