Assistant Prof. Mike Tiu wins Top 3 Prize in Private International Law Competition

UP College of Law Assistant Professor Michael Tiu, Jr. is also Academic Assessment and Development Officer, Head of the International Criminal Law Program of UP IILS, and Consultant on Business and Human Rights of UP IHR

UP College of Law Assistant Professor Michael Tiu, Jr. clinched the Top 3 prize in the HCCH Approach Essay Competition organized by the Hague Conference on Private International Law on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the 1996 Child Protection Convention.

The winners were announced by HCCH Secretary General Dr. Christophe Bernasconi during the HCCH Approach Global Event last 19 October 2021. The winning articles will be published by the HCCH and will receive other prizes.

In his essay entitled “Article 22 as a Remedy in Contemporary Issues”, Asst. Prof. Tiu recast the understanding of the public policy exception in Article 22 of the 1996 Child Protection Convention as converging with the ‘best interests’ of a child in situations where custody contests arise out of the lack of recognition of the status and parental authority of an actual custodian of a child taken out of his or her habitual residence. He posits that a forum state’s public policy can coincide with the best interests of the child in order to preserve the stability of the child’s family life and relationships.

Congratulations to Asst. Prof. Tiu!

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  • Post last modified:October 21, 2021