The Institute of Government and Law Reform launches its Infoseries with ConstiTutok

Constitutional change has been the topic of  summary reportage in mass media of late, with accounts on the contents of proposed drafts and the differing views of individuals who are either for or against the amendment of the Constitution. To assist the citizenry in gaining a more thorough understanding of the issues to which they are linked, the UP Law Center has launched an online information campaign. 

is a creative presentation of the UP Institute of Government and Law Reform (IGLR) team, that guides the reader through the legal history of the Philippine Constitution and its essentials. It begins the series with a general discussion on  Constitution making and its amendment, found in Part 1 on the 1987 Constitution and in Part 2A on attempts to amend the 1935 Constitution.  These can be accessed at through the IGLR Facebook page at


Succeeding installments of this information drive will focus on the issues and questions that are often raised concerning constitutional amendment.