Prof. Jay Batongbacal on the PH-US Mutual Defense Treaty and the "Grey Zone" Chinese strategy

In two separate reports, Professor Batongbacal talks on Chinese strategy in the West Philippine Sea and the MDT in wake of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's visit.


Prof. Batongbacal refers to the “grey zone” Chinese strategy

Malaysian news site Benar News cited Maritime analyst Dr. Jay Batongbacal in its report Philippines: Activists Protest against Chinese Blocking Fishing Boats.  Referring to the fifty Chinese boats blocking Filipino fishermen in Kalayaan Islands, Prof. Batongbacal spoke of the “grey zone” strategy He explained that civilian vessels are used in these blockades to discourage Filipino vessels from fishing within their vicinity. He advised that the Philippines must be vigilant in protesting every “instance of blocking because they [the Chinese] are in violation” of the ground rules.
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MDT is just one part – the foundation of our other security arrangements

In an interview with security and maritime experts, Professor Jay Batongbacal discussed the PH-US Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) in light of new internal and external security threats. On the question of renegotiating the treaty, he believes that what is required is a review of all other security agreements, and not just the MDT.
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