Maritime Law expert critiques proposed constitutional amendments on Philippine sovereignty

Professor Jay Batongbacal, Director of the Institute of Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea of the UP Law Center made some fundamental comments on Constitution making.


 In an ANC Early Edition interview, he critiqued draft amendments to Articles 1 and 2 (Philippine Territory) of the Constitution being proposed by the Consultative Committee to review the Constitution. He observed that the Articles should be succinct in that they should avoid details in the description of the national territory and should provide for flexibility.  The good Professor explained that the Constitution is for all time and its provisions should be such as to accommodate the exigencies of any given period in national governance.


Dr. Jay Batongbacal is much sought after by media and various fora for his expertise on maritime affairs, in light of the present national concern in activities in the West Philippine Sea. His complete remarks  may be accessed at