Ex post facto law prohibited under the Constitution: lesson in CrimLaw

UP Law Professor JJ Disini provided a short lesson in Criminal Law on a possible unconstitutional application of the Cybercrime Act of 2017. He specifically referred to the cyber libel complaint filed with the DOJ, by the NBI, against officers of Rappler, an online news site.

Professor Disini who specializes in the field of cybercrime law pointed to Article III, Section 22 of the Constitution, which directs that “noex post facto law or bill of attainder shall be enacted.” He also dismissed the theory that cyber libel was “indubitably considered as a continuing crime, unless they are taken down” saying that there was no legal basis to that theory nor is there any Supreme Court decision on it. Lawyer Disini is represents Rappler in the cyber libel complaint.

The full report can be accessed at: https://www.rappler.com/nation/197809-rappler-cyber-libel-unconstitutional