Dean Pacifico Agabin: Trillanes' amnesty nullification infringes on fundamental freedoms

As stated by our Supreme Court, if a government authority acts with an evil eye or an uneven hand, it violates the equal protection clause because the equal protection clause is also a protection against oppression and arbitrary actions—whether you are president, solicitor general, or a mere soldier”

In an interview citing the above quote on ANC’s Headstart program, eminent legal scholar, teacher, and practitioner Dean Pacifico Agabin provided his considered views on the Trillanes amnesty case.  Proclamation 572 voiding Present Aquino’s grant of amnesty to Senator Trillanes is presumed unconstitutional and the burden of proof lies on the State to show that this is not so, explained the Dean. It infringes on Trillanes' freedom of political expression and is "nothing but an order of arrest," he concludes.

The full interview may be accessed at :, along with a report by Trishia Billones

Dean Agabin and Professor Hilbay are on legal team representing Senator Trillanes.