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Research Interests:
In Public International Law: the International Criminal Court, mixed or hybrid tribunals, international humanitarian law in non-international armed conflicts
In Constitutional Law: Church and State, Privacy, Citizenship and National Identity, Judicial Review over Economic Issues, Social Justice

Office: Malcolm Hall
Mail: College of Law, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City 1101
Tel: 920-5514

Professor of Law


In Constitutional Law


  • Author, Libel as Politics (2008)
  • Co-Author & Editor, Law and Newly Restored Democracies: The Philippines’ Experience in Restoring Political Participation and Accountability (2002)
  • Editor, The Philippine Judicial System (2001)



  • Author, The Philippines' post-Marcos Judiciary: The Institutional Turn in a Populist Democracy, in Asian Courts in Context (Jiunn-rong Yeh & Wen-Chen Chang, eds., 2015)
  • Author, Philippine Constitutional Law 2001-2010: Republican Institutions and Populist Politics, in Major Constitutional Developments in Asia in the First Decade of the 21st Century (Albert Chen, ed., 2014)
  • Author, The Domestic Implementation of the International Right to Health: The Philippine Experience, in Advancing the Human Right to Health (Jose Zuniga, Stephen Marks, & Lawrence Gostin, eds., 2013)
  • Author, Impeachment and Popular Constitutionalism: The Surprising Decline of Judicial Power, IBP Journal Special Issue on Impeachment at 45-68 (2012)
  • Author, Human Rights Discourse in post-Marcos Philippines: From Substance to Procedure, in Human Rights in Asia (Brian Galligan & Thomas Davis, eds., 2010)
  • Author, Political Emergencies in the Philippines: Changing Labels and the Unchanging Need for Legitimacy, in Emergency powers in Asia: Exploring the Limits of Legality (Victor Ramraj & Arun Thiruvengadam eds., 2010)
  • Author, The Philippines’ Sandiganbayan: Anti-graft courts and the illusion of self-contained anti-corruption regimes, in New Courts in Asia (Andrew Harding & Penelope Nicholson eds., 2010)
  • Author, Government by Judiciary in the Philippines: Ideological and Doctrinal Framework, in Administrative Law and Governance in Asia: Comparative Perspectives (Tom Ginsburg & Albert Chen, eds., 2009)
  • Author, Constitutionalizing Redistributive Justice and Redefining the Public Sphere: the Philippines’ Post-Marcos Constitution, in Asian Constitutionalism in Transition: A Comparative Perspective (Tania Groppi, Valeria Piergigli & Angelo Rinella, eds., 2008)
  • Author, L’autonomia Locale Nelle Filippine: Alcuni Problemi in Municipi d’Oriente: Il Governo Locale in Europa Orientale, Asia e Australia (Francesco Biagi trans., 2008)
  • Author, Transplanted Constitutionalism: The Philippine Debate on the Secular State and the Rule of Law, 82 L. J. 1 2008, reprinted in Public Law in East Asia (Albert Chen & Tom Ginsburg, eds., 2013)
  • Author, Chief Justice Hilario G. Davide Jr.: A Study in Judicial Philosophy, Transformative Politics and Judicial Activism, 80 Phil. L. J. 538 (2006)
  • Author, The Philippines: The Persistence Of Rights Discourse vis-à-vis Substantive Social Claims, in Human Rights In Asia: A Comparative Legal Study of Twelve Asian Jurisdictions, France and the USA (Randall Peerenboom & Albert Chen eds., 2006)
  • Author, The Philippine “People Power” Constitution and the Limits of Liberal Constitutionalism, in Asian Discourses of Rule of Law: Theories and Implementation of Rule of Law in Twelve Asian Countries, with Comparison with France and the U.S. (Randall Peerenboom ed., 2004)
  • Author, Amicus Brief: Constitutionality of Impeachment Charges Against the Chief Justice, 78 Phil. L. J. 201 (2003)
  • Author, Law and Economic Choice in Philippine Constitutional Law, in Law, Development and Socio-Economic Changes in Asia (Naoyuki Sakumoto, Masayuki Kobayashi & Shinya Imaizumi, eds., 2003)
  • Author, Why a Philippine Human Rights Commission? Its Place in a Constitutional Order – An Inquiry into the Power and Limits of Liberal Constitutionalism, Perspectives of Constitutionalism in Asia – International Symposium on Constitutionalism in Asia and Oceania (Akira Osuka, ed., 2003)
  • Author, Property as a “Bundle of Rights”: Redistributive Takings and the Social Justice Clause, 71 Phil. L. J. 141 (1997)
  • Author, Republicanism and Its Political Seasons: The Javellana, Freedom Constitution and PIRMA Cases, 72 Phil. L. J. 195 (1997)


In Public International Law


  • Author, Judicialized Governance and Populist Democracy: Majoritarian Adjudication in the Philippines and Selected Asian Countries, Public Policy Volumes XII & XIII at 1-20 (2015)
  • Author, The Domestic Implementation of the International Right to Health: The Philippine Experience, in Advancing the Human Rights to Health (Jose Zuniga, Stephen Marks, & Lawrence Gostin, eds., 2013)
  • Author, Constraints on Judicial Review of Managerial Discretion: Substantive and Procedural, in Problems of International Administrative Law (Nassib Ziadé, ed., 2008)
  • Author, Article 24: Non-Retroactivity Ratione Personae, in Commentary on the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court: Observers’ Notes (Otto Trifterer, ed.) (Verlag C.H. Beck and Hart Publishing, 2nd ed., 2008) at 735 (also Baden-Baden: Nomos, 1st ed., 1999)
  • Author, Sweatshops and International Labor Standards: Globalizing Markets, Localizing Norms, in Globalization and Human Rights (Alison Brysk, ed., 2002)
  • Author, Territorial Sovereignty: Command, Title and the Expanding Claims of the Commons, in Boundaries and Justice: Diverse Ethical Perspectives (David Miller & Sohail Hashmi, eds., 2001)
  • Co-Author, Pushing Back the Limitations of Territorial Boundaries, 12 Volume No. 5, European Journal of Int’l Law at 867-888 (2001)
  • Author, The Asian Development Bank Administrative Tribunal: Constitutive Instruments and Case-Law, 7 Asian Y.B. of Int’l L. at 209-228 (2001)


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AB, Political Science, University of the Philippines, 1978
LLB, University of the Philippines, 1983
LLM, Harvard University, 1986
SJD, Harvard University, 1990