Professor Sol Mawis on SEC-Rappler Ruling: Bill of Rights in jeopardy?

Prof. Sol Mawis suggests that a ‘curing period’ should have been allowed Rappler in order to take corrective measures in the agreement with its foreign investor Omidyar Network. Recently, SEC revoked the on-line news site’s license to operate, saying that the terms of agreement between the two entities violated the constitutional rule that media companies should have 0% foreign control.

Prof. Mawis’s opinion was sought in an article on “How SEC's Rappler decision is a test case for press freedom.” She cited a landmark ruling of the Supreme Court penned by Justice Carpio, holding that:

“Under prevailing jurisprudence, public utilities that fail to comply with the nationality requirement under Section 11, Article XII and the Foreign Investments Act can cure their deficiencies prior to the start of the administrative case or investigation”.

Attorney Mawis who is Dean of the Lyceum University Law School, is on the roster of Professorial Lecturers in the UP College of Law. She is teaching Civil Procedure this semester at the BGC branch of UP Law.


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