Prof. Batongbacal calls for caution and transparency on Marine Scientific Research in West Philippine Sea

In an interview by GMA News Report, Prof. Jay Batongbacal commented that the data from Chinese marine research and ocean current surveys could be used for military purposes. The professor reiterates the need for transparency about the results of such endeavors.

 The Institute of Oceanology Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOCAS) was granted permission by the Department of Foreign Affairs to conduct the study, provided that its scientists are joined by Filipinos, among other requirements.

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Related to the topic of marine scientific research (MSR) permitted to foreign entities, by the Philippine government, Professor Batongbacal cautioned that data on Benham Rise should not be “lumped together” with MSR requests/data for other areas such as the Luzon Strait.

The report titled “DFA data on Benham Rise 'can be misleading' may be accessed at: