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PhilHealth Circular No. 06, s. 2010

PhilHealth Premium Payment Slip (PPPS) and

PhilHealth Agent’s Receipt (PAR)

Adopted: 19 Feb. 2010

Date Filed: 11 March 2010

Effective July 1, 2010, the existing Contribution Payment Return (CPR) forms (ME-5, MI-5, and Min-5) shall be replaced by the unified accountable payment receipt called PhilHealth Agent’s Receipt (PAR). PARs shall be issued by Accredited Collecting Agents (ACAs) to acknowledge premium payments from paying members and employers. Paying members shall also be required to accomplish the PhilHealth Premium Payment Slip (PPPS) for the payment transaction.

I. Definition and use of the PPPS and revised PAR:


PPPS is a non-accountable form which shall be accomplished by members when paying PhilHealth premiums (See Annex A Figure No. 1.*) Paying members shall be required to:

1. Properly accomplish the PPPS and supply the following information:

a. PhilHealth Employer Number (PEN)/PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN)/ PhilHealth Organized Group Number (POGN)

b. Payor Name (Complete Member/Business/Agency’s name)

c. Member Type (Voluntary/OFW/Sponsor/Private/Government)

d. Applicable Period of premium contribution

e. Amount to be paid

2. Submit the properly accomplished PPPS and premium payment to the ACA’s teller/cashier.

3. Secure the validated copies of PAR:

a. Original copy (white) - shall be the file of the paying member

b. 4th copy (yellow) - if employer, yellow copy shall be attached to the EMPLOYER’S REMITTANCE REPORT (RF-1); in the case of Individually Paying Member, the yellow copy shall be submitted directly to nearest PhilHealth Members Assistance Center (PMAC).


The revised PAR is an accountable form (See Annex A Figure No. 2*) which shall be issued by ACAs to paying members.

Upon receipt of accomplished PPPS and premium contribution, ACA’s teller/cashier shall be required to:

1. Validate PAR using the information as stated in the PPPS.

2. Distribution of copies of validated PAR:

a. Original (white) and 4th copy (yellow) - shall be returned to the paying member

b. 2nd copy (pink) - file copy of the ACA

c. 3rd copy (green) - together with the accomplished PPPS, shall be attached to ACA’s ABSTRACT OF DAILY COLLECTION (RF-2).

II. Requisition and Issuance of PPPS and revised PAR

PhilHealth Regional Offices (PhROs) shall accept requests for PPPS and revised PAR from ACAs within their area of jurisdiction starting April 5, 2010. PhROs shall monitor and ensure that PPPS and revised PAR are available as needed by ACAs pursuant to PhilHealth Office Order No. 87, s. 2009.


Premium payments remitted through ACAs with electronic facilities (i.e. E-Payment, Bills Payment Scheme, Mobile Phone Banking, etc.) shall be acknowledged by an Electronic Receipt or ACAs payment slip as approved by the Corporation, whichever is applicable.

ACAs shall be required to return remaining inventories of CPRs at the nearest PhROs starting July 1, 2010. PhROs shall forward the unused CPRs to the Office of the Group Vice President, Member Management Group for proper disposal.

Please be guided accordingly.

(sgd.) Dr. rey b. aquino

President and CEO



PHIC Cir cular No 07, s. 2010Tooltip 03/11/2010 Hits: 4


PhilHealth Circular No. 07, s. 2010

Amendment to Payment of Professional Fee in Health

Human Resource Shortage Areas

Adopted: 19 Feb. 2010

Date Filed: 11 March 2010

Starting April 1, 2010, all General Practitioners (GP) in Health Human Resource Shortage Areas shall only be reimbursed up to 80 RVU in Level 2, 3 and 4 hospitals. Computation of professional fee shall be based on the RVU of the procedure multiplied by the peso conversion factor plus the additional ten percent (10%) of the computed professional fee.

For level 1 hospitals, payment for professional fee for all physicians shall still be up to 30 RVU only. However, physicians practicing in the said areas are entitled to the additional ten percent (10%) of the computed professional fee.

This circular shall take effect for all claims for PF in the said areas with admission dates starting April 01, 2010.

All other provisions of previous issuances which are inconsistent with this Circular are hereby repealed.

Please be guided accordingly.

(sgd.) dr. rey b. aquino

President and CEO


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