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Admission to the University of the Philippines College of Law is highly competitive and based solely on merit. The Admissions Committee shall base its decision on the applicant’s grades in the U.P. Law Aptitude Examination (LAE), undergraduate General Weighted Average (GWA), and other requirements as the Committee may deem necessary.


Who may apply for admission to the College of Law?


Anyone who has finished or is finishing a four-year bachelor’s degree in the arts or sciences from a Commission on Higher Education (CHED) recognized college or university, is qualified to take the examination upon prior application, proper identification and registration.


To qualify for enrollment, an applicant must have earned the following units in his or her undergraduate program:



Minimum number of required units


12 units

History or Economics

9 units

Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology

9 units

Rizal course

3 units


(Note: A maximum deficiency of nine (9) units is strictly imposed prior to admission.)


An applicant who qualifies for admission must enroll for the academic year in which he or she qualifies, and will not be allowed to defer admission to another year, or file an application for a leave of absence in his or her first academic year.


When should one apply for admission?


The Office of the College Secretary releases bulletins on the application process for the succeeding academic year. Please visit the College website or the official Facebook page for periodic updates.


For inquiries regarding the admissions process, contact the following:


Office of the College Secretary

1st Floor, Malcolm Hall, UP Diliman, Quezon City

Tel. No.: 9205514 loc. 103, 104
Direct Line: 9277180

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


What is the U.P. Law Aptitude Examination?


The Law Aptitude Examination (LAE) consists of objective tests designed to measure aptitude for the study of law. The test subjects include Communication Skills, Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary, Critical Thinking, and Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning. Passing the LAE is a requirement for admission.


Information Bulletin for AY 2015-2016

Application Form 2015-2016  PDF | DOC format


This Information Bulletin is for applicants planning to take the U.P. Law Aptitude Examination (LAE). Passing the LAE is a requirement for admission to the U.P. College of Law. For Academic Year (AY) 2015-2016, the LAE will be administered on Sunday, 8 February  2015, in U.P. Diliman, U.P. Cebu and U.P. Davao.


What are the documentary requirements for application?

  1. A duly accomplished registration form.

  2. Proof of payment of the LAE testing fee (see below).

  3. Proof of graduation or senior standing.

    1. Holders of a bachelor’s degree must submit an OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS (OTR) and GENERAL WEIGHTED AVERAGE as computed and certified by the school’s registrar.

    2. Candidates for graduation of a bachelor’s degree must submit a CERTIFICATION from the registrar of the school where the applicant is enrolled that he or she is a candidate for graduation for the current school year together with a certified current/up-to-date OTR and GENERAL WEIGHTED AVERAGE and a copy of the CURRICULUM of the course he/she is graduating in. (N.B. For enrollment in the U.P. College of Law, a successful applicant must already be a baccalaureate degree holder.)

  4. For applicants who are currently enrolled in another law school, a CERTIFICATION OF GOOD STANDING and OTR. The said certification must include the fact that the applicant is not disqualified by any reason to re-enroll in the said school the next school year.

  5. Three (3) identical passport size recent photos (white background).

  6. A self-addressed stamped envelope.

  7. Other requirements as may be imposed by the Admissions Committee.

How much is the LAE testing fee?


For early registrants, the testing fee is P1,500.00. For late registrants, it is P 2,000.00. Applicants with annual gross family income of P130,000.00 or less are exempted from payment of the testing fee (submit latest original or duly certified Income Tax Return or a BIR certification that the taxpayer is exempted from filing a Return).


Postal Money order must be payable to the U.P. College of Law (for Regional applicant only). Company and Personal checks are not accepted. The testing fee is non-refundable.


What are the grounds for disqualification or disapproval of an application?


An application for admission may be disqualified or disapproved on the following grounds:

  • Concealment, misrepresentation, or falsification of any material fact throughout the application process.

  • Serious misconduct resulting in disciplinary action (suspension or expulsion, and at any time of the proceeding) in any of the schools attended.

  • Disqualification for academic reasons in this or another law school, including probation status.

  • Conviction of an offense involving moral turpitude.


University of the Philippines, College of Law, Diliman, Quezon City Trunkline: 920-5514
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