Faculty Highlights Archive

Professor Elizabeth Aguiling-Pangalangan: “Parents and Children: When Law and Technology Unbundle Traditional Identities” (FLP Professorial Chair Lecture)

Prof. Theodore Te: "Legal lesson on service of Penalty"

Prof. Jay Batongbacal:" Maritime Law expert discusses draft code of conduct between ASEAN and China"

Professor Tony La Viña: "Secondary evidence is justified by Rule 130 of the Rules of Court"

Dean Agabin, Prof. Hilbay: Effect of voiding amnesty on the rule of law.

Prof. Dante Gatmaytan,  "Duterte, Judicial Deference, and Democratic Decay"

Prof. Jay Batongbacal: "Federalism Option and National Territory Highlights from RBH No. 15"

Professor Tony La Viña: What does the 1987 Constitution say in case of disability or serious illness of the President?

Dean Agabin, Prof. Hilbay: Effect of voiding amnesty on the rule of law.

Prof. Dante Gatmaytan,  "Duterte, Judicial Deference, and Democratic Decay"

Dean Pacifico Agabin: "Trillanes' amnesty nullification infringes on fundamental freedoms"

Prof. Hilbay: "Government’s amnesty process on the line"

UP Law Teachers weigh in on Proclamation No. 572

Prof. Dante Gatmaytan on "Abusive Judicial Review in the Philippines"

Professor Tony La Viña: "Expert commentary on proposed draft federal constitution"

Professor Tony La Viña: "A Tale of Two Chief Justices"

Prof. Dante Gatmaytan on “Same-sex marriage petition before SC stood on solid ground

Prof. Jay Batongbacal: "There is no ‘co-control’ of Scarborough Shoal"

Professor Tony La Viña: "Vagrancy laws as instruments of oppression"

Prof. Dante Gatmaytan on “Rule of Law Challenges in the Philippines”

Professor Tony La Viña: "The Future of our Constitution"

Prof. Jay Batongbacal: "Filipinos exploring Benham Rise region for years."

Prof. Dante Gatmaytan: 2018 Estelito P. Mendoza Professorial Chair Lecture.

Professor Tony La Viña: "Wrong Premises of ICC Withdrawal"

Professor Tony La Viña: Quo warranto pleas and impeachment proceedings - A lesson in Remedial Law

Professor Tony La Viña: "Expert Witness” testimony a clear violation of the Code of Ethics for Philippine Psychologists

Professor Tony La Viña: "Legal alternatives as food for thought"

Professor Tony La Viña: "Constituent Assembly interpreted under 1987 Constitution"

Prof. Tony La Viña: "Slippery slope of diminishing judicial independence"

Prof. Florin Hilbay:" Immunity from suit for Hontiveros' Senate speech"and "Fake news is a 'calamity' in the marketplace of information"

Prof. Tony La Viña: Misuse of Impeachment

Prof. Jay Batongbacal: "ANALYSIS: The aftermath of the ASEAN 50th AMM: Whither the West Philippine Sea?"

Professors Cielo Magno (UP School of Economics) and Dante Gatmaytan, “Corruption and Civic Space: Contextual Factors Influencing EITI Compliance.”

Prof. Jay Batongbacal: "Dutertismo and the West Philippine Sea: Year One"

Prof. Dante Gatmaytan: “Ignoring Constitutional Checks for Emergency Rule”

Prof. Florin Hilbay: Trojan Horse in the West Philippine Sea

Prof. Tony La Viña: Martial law, right or wrong: depends on how it is implemented

Prof. Elizabeth Aguiling-Pangalangan holds a seminar lecture on "History and Framework of the Philippine Law on Marriage: Common Issues for the Filipino Migrant" at the University of Antwerp

Prof. Dante Gatmaytan, "Judicial Review of Peace Initiatives"

Prof. Jay Batongbacal, "Understanding the issue about Chinese survey vessels in Benham Rise"

Prof. Florin Hilbay against a Marcos burial in the Libingan ng mga Bayani : "Hero’s burial for a hero-maker"

Professor Antonio La Viña: "History cannot be buried"

Prof. Batongbacal: "Submissiveness as a Foreign Policy Strategy?"

Prof. Florin Hilbay against a Marcos burial in the Libingan ng mga Bayani : "Hero’s burial for a hero-maker"

Professor Jay Batongbacal's paper "The Philippines: Into Stormy Seas Ahead" featured in the ASEANFOCUS Special Issue on the South China Sea Arbitration: Responses and Implications.

Professor Antonio La Viña: "Moral Crusades and Human Rights"

Dean Danilo L. Concepcion, AB’83 is among the UPAA PRESIDENTIAL AWARDEES.

Professor Antonio La Viña on Duterte's "State of Lawlessness" and "Legal issues on Marcos burial."

Professor Rommel J. Casis' "Law on Contracts" is now available from LexisNexis. 

Prof. Florin Hilbay: "Federalism for What?"

Professor Dante Gatmaytan's interview and blog on Poe v. COMELEC.

Professor Jay Batongbacal, "The Philippines v. China verdict: China’s crossroads.”

Professor Jay Batongbacal to speak on the South China Sea Arbitration Case at ISEAS-Yushof Ishak Institute, Singapore”

Dean Raul Pangalangan, "Jovy Salonga: Many paths to greatness"

Professor. Carlo Vistan interviewed on Poe v. COMELEC.

Professor Antonio La Viña, "Why I am advising Grace Poe"

Professor Dante Gatmaytan, "Philippine Supreme Court: Foundlings are Natural Born Citizens; May Run for President"

Professor Dante Gatmaytan's "Judicial Restraint and the Enforcement of Environmental Rights in the Philippines", originally published by the Oregon Review of International Law in 2010 is reproduced in ENVIRONMENTAL CONSTITUTIONALISM (James R. May & Erin Daly eds., 2016).

Professor Jay Batongbacal, "Philippines’ Legal Perspectives on the Arbitral Proceedings" in Fu-Kuo Liu and Jonathan Spangler (eds.), South China Sea Lawfare: Legal Perspectives and International Responses to the Philippines v. China Arbitration Case, Taipei: South China Sea Think Tank / Taiwan Center for Security Studies, January 29, 2016.

Solicitor General Florin T. Hilbay interviewed by the Judicial and Bar Council.

Professor Harry L. Roque, Jr delivered the Manuel O. Chan and Luz O. Chan Professorial Chair in Law entitled “Philippine Criminal Jurisdiction under EDCA: Customary International Law or VFA?

Prof. Rommel J. Casis delivered the Edgardo J. Angara Professorial Chair Lecture entitled "Negligence in Jurisprudence."

Professor Dante Gatmaytan, "Citizenship Issues and the Presidential Elections in the Philippines"

Professor Jay L. Batongacal, "Philippines v. China: The Endgame as Prelude"

Dean Raul C. Pangalangan delivered the Enrique O. Chan Professorial Chair in Law Lecture entitled “Intermediate Zones of Privacy in Social Media.”