ANNOUNCEMENT: Enrollment is currently open for the Law Instruction Development Program on Commercial Law, and Law on Taxation (Oct. 9-15,2017)


Enrollment is currently ongoing for the Law Instruction Development Program on Commercial Law and Taxation.

The program will be held on October 9-14, 2017 for Commercial Law, and on October 9-15, for Law on Taxation, at Cebu City. Last day of enrollment is on October 2, 2017.

Online Registration:
For Commercial Law:
For Taxation Law:

For more information visit the LIDP website at; or call 0917-5805954, 0917-1091986, 0908-9716366, 925-5855, 920-5514 loc. 113, 313.


The Law Instruction Development Program (LIDP) is a formal, part-time, non-degree, and pioneering training program and extension service of the College of Law of the University of the Philippines (UP) that is primarily intended to promote, uplift, and enhance the quality of teaching of highly specialized and technical law subjects to law students in colleges and schools of law across the country. It shall consist of a series of component sub-training programs for each and every highly specialized and technical law subject to be known as Faculty Certificate Course or FCC.

As a training and extension program, the LIDP is also envisioned as a transition platform that will bridge the time and resource requirements for law schools to acquire and maintain a sufficient pool of tenured Faculty, professorial and non-tenured lecturers, and adjunct faculty and lecturers with post-graduate degrees in law and law-related fields. Likewise, it is an institutional capacity-building program that seeks to address and respond to a renewed attention to faculty growth and development through profound and enhanced good teaching skills, pedagogy, and better assessment tools and measurements on teaching proficiencies and basic competencies. At the same time, it seeks to provide a responsive bridging program that will close the disjoint between legal education and the legal profession such that the theoretical and ethical study of law is matched with practical skills in the application and actual practice of law in the field, whether before the courts, administrative tribunals or government regulatory agencies.